iPresenceTelerobo temi Factory example | Zensei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. | Factory tour guide!Succeeded in significantly reducing the operating time of the staff by reading explanations and displaying images while moving automatically!

Telerobo temi Factory example | Zensei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. | Factory tour guide!Succeeded in significantly reducing the operating time of the staff by reading explanations and displaying images while moving automatically!

Telepresence avatar robot (commonly known as telerobo) "temi" has a navigation function by automatic driving, so more and more companies are considering introducing it as a guidance robot.This time, we will take a look at the Izumi factory of Zensei Yakuhin Kogyo Co., Ltd. (Zensei Yakuhin Kogyo Co., Ltd.) in Izumi City, Osaka Prefecture, where Telerobot temi is actually used as a factory tour guide. I was interviewed.

“The introduction evaluation of temi is out of 10…not 10, but over 100.”We interviewed General Manager Maeda and Counselor Koga of Zensei Yakuhin Kogyo's Production Headquarters.temioperation method, internal labor cost reduction, companyPReffect ofWe will introduce examples of cutting-edge Telerobo utilization.


“Introduction evaluation is out of 10…not 10, but over 100.”

Zensei Yakuhin Kogyo Co., Ltd. General Manager Maeda (left) and Counselor Koga

"At first, more than I thought100It exceedsThe reduction of the burden on the site was more than expected.We don't have to go to the site ourselves.When I heard about the tour, (temi) said that it left a strong impression on the customers. (Director Maeda)


“Easy-to-understand temi screen and operability” was the decisive factor for the introduction

Zensei Yakuhin Kogyo Co., Ltd. was founded70As an ethical drug manufacturer with more than XNUMX years of history,The pillar of our business is the contract development and manufacturing of generic drugs. The Izumi Factory, which started operations in June 2016, is leading the development and manufacturing of generic drugs in Japan by actively introducing state-of-the-art, unmanned equipment.

At the Izumi Factory, which is actively introducing automated equipment, as a new attempt, Tele Robo temi was employed as a tour guide for factory tours.2,3About a year ago, when I was considering introducing a robot guide to the factory, I met temi,temiThe functions and easy-to-use screen were the decisive factors for the introduction.

Just by pressing the route button registered on the top screen, the factory guidance by temi will start.


After pressing the tour start button, temi will start running on its own, and the factory tour will begin.Stop at the registered point and guide them by calling out to see the inside of the factory through the observation window.Factory guidance while playing audio, text, and videoI willLike humans, they explain the manufacturing process in the factory one by one in detail and with good rhythm.

Even if the manufacturing process is closed, you can understand the process by watching the video


Widely used for new employee training, workplace tours, customer and audit guidance, etc.

Currently, factory tours by temi are mainly used for in-house training, but during recruitment activitiesUsed for workplace tours for students and for factory tours for customersdoing.

temi starts guiding for new employee training.The ever-changing facial expressions also play a role in the friendliness


What are the benefits of introducing temi into the factory guide? 

1. Anyone other than the person in charge of on-site manufacturing can attend 

A person in charge of the site, who can explain in detail, was always present at each new employee training and factory tour for customers.Until now, the work burden of the person in charge of the field has been heavyIt was something.In addition, the person in charge of each department, such as human resources and corporate planning, also attends the meeting, so it is difficult to coordinate the schedules of each project, such as having 2 or 3 employees attend the meeting.

After the installation of temi, temi will explain the factory work process including a certain level of expertise, so there is no need for the on-site person in charge to be present.In addition, if you want to supplement the explanation according to the knowledge of the target of the factory tour, you can ask a detailed employee to be present, making it possible to operate flexibly.In the case of employees who are not so familiar with the manufacturing process, there are times when there will be a silence while guiding customers, but temi will guide you with voice and background music all the time. I heard your opinion.

To make it possible for anyone from any department to attend the factory tour, we have devised ways to hang a hand-made instruction manual on temi and hang a sign so that you can see when it is charging or making adjustments.


2. Leave the English explanation to temi!

Until now, when we have customers from overseas business partners, we not only ask the person in charge who can explain in detail,An English-speaking employee had to be present each time.Sometimes the customer brings an interpreter, but there were many times when communication did not go smoothly.However, from now on, temi will be active as an interpreter.

Pharmaceutical companies in particular use a lot of technical terms, and translating them into a foreign language can be a challenge.At Zensei Yakuhin Kogyo, by creating an English manuscript of the factory guide and loading it into temi*,Enables temi to provide factory guidance in EnglishDid.We look forward to the future success of temi, who can speak English fluently.

*temi also supports multilingual reading, including Chinese (Cantonese, Taiwanese) and Korean.


3. Approximately 70% reduction in staff working hours, reducing the work burden of on-site personnel

Up until now, 2 to 3 employees were present for each group of customers when giving tours of the factory.It was a.It took more than an hour at the longest, mainly with the person in charge of the site and answering the customer's questions.In addition to the actual guidance, it took about 1 hours each time, including the preparations and cleanup before that.
By introducing temi,One employee who attends with temi is now sufficientAs a result, the work load of the field staff has been significantly reduced.

The effect of shortening the time of the tour

“I was worried that it wouldn’t move from the same place (where I guided it). When you use this robot, it moves more and more, so you have to keep up with it. It's very effective.When I was guiding people, I was always thinking about what I could do to speed things up," says Director Maeda.Because it was possible to provide guidance at a good tempo,It is now possible to reduce the factory tour that used to take employees an hour to about 30 to 40 minutes.became.

The effect of reducing staff operation is about 70%!?

Currently, temi is used only a few times a month, but the frequency of use is gradually increasing.The number of general customers and customers from China and South Korea is expected to increase in the future, and it is expected that they will use the factory for tours about twice a week, as before the corona crisis.

It used to take about 360 minutes totalAfter the introduction of temi, the working time of the staff per implementation was reduced to 1 minutes, which is about 100% less than before the is complete.Compared to before the corona crisis,100 per yearTime~150Expectations are high for temi's future activities, such as the expected reduction in staff working hours by about an hour.


PR effect as a company working on advanced things

“I hear that students have a very positive reaction to seeing temi during company tours for high school and university students. I hope it will be a good opportunity for students to remember the name of Zensei Yakuhin Kogyo Co., Ltd.”

Zensei Yakuhin Kogyo is making an advanced effort to introduce a telerobo as a factory guide.This time, we interviewed the site of the factory guidance for a long time of 2,000 characters and 30 to 40 minutes as a script read by temi.It was impressive to see all of the employees eager to introduce new technology, asking them to let us know if there were any new robots or improved functions.

General Manager Maeda and Counselor Koga of Zensei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Thank you very much for the interview.

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