What is temi?


Encourages dialogue with distant loved ones and serves as a gateway to your home or office
It is an AI-equipped automatic mobile telepresence avatar robot.

temi generates an indoor bird's-eye view map with AI using a distance measurement sensor,
Automatic movement is possible with one click.
There is also an automatic follow mode that automatically follows the person in front of you, giving you a new remote control experience.

In addition, with a cute and secure product design,
You will be familiar with people regardless of the scene.

temi is equipped with various extended functions, and by applying iPresence's original teleport application, it has achieved convenience that cannot be found anywhere else.

Usage scene of temi

Lecture presentation/exchange meeting
Lecture presentation/exchange meeting
Exhibition booth remote business negotiation
Exhibition booth remote business negotiation
Participate in distance learning
Participate in distance learning
Online tour
Online tour
Visits to medical facilities
Visits to medical facilities
Event participation
Event participation
In-house management
In-house management

Features of temi


AI bird's-eye view map generation function

temi can generate an AI bird's-eye view map of the range traveled with the AI ​​camera and distance sensor.
Once you create a map, it will be displayed in the "temi center" of the operation screen, and you can automatically move to the desired location with one click.You can pinpoint where you want to go even if you are not used to detailed operations.
If you register the sequence, you can also use the patrol function that automatically moves at any time and route on the AI ​​bird's-eye view map, making it possible to use it in an unprecedented way.


Automatic tracking function

temi has an "automatic follow-up function" that instantly detects the guide in front of you and follows you automatically.
Even if the operator does not know where to go, he or she can switch modes with a single button and have the detected guide take him or her to the destination without any operation.
Modes can be switched with a single click on the operation screen or a single tap on the top of the temi monitor, and can be easily canceled.Please try using the functions unique to temi that are easy to use.


Enhancement of extended functions

temi is packed with full functions on a compact screen, and there is a high degree of freedom in adding applications.
The system base of Android OS is enriched with extended functions that are convenient for everyday life, and it can be operated smoothly like a tablet terminal.

By adding iPresence's original application to temi, you can experience an unprecedented next-generation remote experience.

Functions of temi

ROBOX navigation technology using 18 different sensors realizes smooth autonomous driving.
With real-time object and face recognition, obstacle avoidance, and map generation,
User tracking (follow-up), on-demand point registration, and navigation and guidance by autonomous driving are possible.

  • personal assistant The best AI assistant recognizes you and supports your needs
  • Video chat Hands-free and natural conversation with people far away while walking around the house
  • Personal DJ Listen to music with a high-quality sound system
  • smart home hub Control smart home devices in your home with just your voice
  • home presence Always close to family and friends from a smartphone, etc.
  • private photographer Share special moments with photos and videos with special people
  • entertainment Interactive games and videos walk with you
  • News Your favorite online news anytime
  • learning Learn new languages, math and more in an interactive way
  • personal caddy Carry stuff with temi's smart tray and charge your smartphone cordlessly
  • App store Original temi apps and games on the open Android platform
  • Personal care Access loved ones and health experts anytime from your couch or bed

Use case of temi

Union of International Organizations (UIA) / MICE

Union of International Organizations (UIA) / MICE

The Union of International Organizations (UIA) held the first international conference for the Asia-Pacific region, "UIA Associations Round Table Asia-Pacific," in Tokyo.Providing a hybrid interaction experience on/offline

See case details
Ritsumeikan University

Ritsumeikan University

Telerobo provides a remote participation service for alumni living overseas who cannot come to the venue on the day of the Ritsumeikan University Alumni Association's 100th anniversary convention.

See case details
Kobe Municipal Tomosei Support School

Kobe Municipal Tomosei Support School

Hospitalized students teleported to the blood donation room as a work experience activity.Conduct face-to-face interviews with blood donors.

See case details
RX Japan

RX Japan

For 3 days at Japan's Food Export Expo (sponsored by RX Japan), telerobo online tours were held from more than 10 countries around the world to the exhibition venue. 15 units of temi were operated.

See case details


Connect the computer placed on the host's desk to the temi placed in the room where the food is being prepared, move around while observing the situation in the room, inform the staff in charge of the situation at the venue, and have the food delivered to the venue. I gave instructions.

See case details
Kobe Youth Science Museum

Kobe Youth Science Museum

Children from Hyogo Prefectural Children's Hospital and Yusei Support School will use the telepresence avatar robot temi to remotely participate in a museum tour together with children visiting the Bando Kobe Youth Science Museum!

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Kobe City × Matsue City

Kobe City × Matsue City

Hosted by Matsue City's "Eco and Universal Matsue Town Planning Group (commonly known as Eco-uni no Kai)," the XNUMXst Matsue City and Kobe City {Tourism/People/Connections~Na} Exchange Project.Provides an online sightseeing experience connecting Matsue City and Kobe City.

See case details

Product Info

  • Hardware information
  • Spec.
temi - the personal robot

temi V3 - the personal robot
Introduction package "Success Plan"

First year of purchase ¥1,650,000
(¥1,500,000 excluding tax)
2nd year onward ¥495,000/year (¥450,000/year excluding tax)

  • 13.3-inch large display
  • Android11
  • high performance CPU
  • Enhanced USB ports (USB-C/A)
  • Bluetooth (Master/Slave)
  • Equipped with 13MP wide-angle camera
  • Flash: 64GB
  • Cellular compatible model: temi V3C (5G compatible) (Currently, only NTT Docomo SIM cards are guaranteed to work)



  • Dimensions: Width 35cm x Depth 45cm x Height 100cm
  • Weight: 12 kg

[LCD display]

  • Display: 13.3 inches (H293.76/V 165.24)
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080

[Touch panel method]

  • Glass type: tempered glass 1.1mm surface hardness 8H
  • Other: Anti-fingerprint coating

[CPU/RAM/Flash memory]

  • CPU: RK3399 Pro (Rock Chip)
    Dual-core Cortex-A72 up to 1.8GHz × 2
    Quad-core Cortex-A53 up to 1.4GHz × 2
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Flash: 64GB

[Android version/Google Services]

  • Android: Android 11
  • Updates: regular security updates


  • Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi5
    802.11b/g/n/ac, 2.4G/5G
    Cellular model: 4G/LTE/5G (*option)
  • Bluetooth: V5.0 BLE compatible master/slave mode
  • USB 3.1 port Type-C: 4G USB dongle type support
    External USB camera support
    USB device support
  • USB 2.1 Port Type-A: 4G USB dongle type support
    External USB camera support
    USB device support
temi - the personal robot


  • LIDAR: detection range 40m
  • Registered location accuracy 0-10cm
  • Ground Depth Camera: Detection range ~1.2m
  • Minimum obstacle detection Height 2cm


  • Tray: 12V/1.2A barrel jack
  • Spec.
  • Usage purpose
  • Connection
  • Size and weight
  • display
  • screen tilt
  • Microphone
  • audio
  • Camera
  • CPU
  • Power
  • Mobility
  • tray
  • Included items
temi - the personal robot

temi V2 - the personal robot

First year of purchase ¥990,000 (tax excluded ¥900,000)
2nd year onward ¥198,000/year (¥180,000/year excluding tax)

  • Dimensions: Width 35cm x Depth 45cm x Height 100cm
  • Weight: 12 kg
  • Tray: 30cm x 25cm load capacity 3kg, with wireless charger
  • Travel Speed: Up to 1 m/sec, Direct Drive 50W BLDC Motors (x2)
  • Display: 10.1" HD LCD tilt screen
  • Microphone: Microphone array
  • Audio: High quality 20W speaker system
  • Camera: 13 MP high resolution camera, wide angle camera, TOF depth camera
  • Sensors: 360 degree LIDAR, depth camera (x1), RGB camera (x2), proximity sensor (x5), IMU sensor, TOF linear sensor (x6), step sensor (x2), ground depth camera (x1)
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • CPU: TEMI OS - ARM Quad core (Android architecture), ROBOX (TM) navigation system - ARM Hexa core (Linux OS)
  • Power: Up to 1 hours of operation per charge, Autonomous Charging - 8V, Lithium Ion Battery, High Performance Docking Station
  • Package: temi main unit, docking station and charging cable, quick start guide
  • temi V1 - the personal robot ¥599,500 (tax included)


The ROBOX™ navigation system provides human-robot interaction and autonomous navigation for temi.

3D mapping
User detection and tracking
obstacle avoidance
route planning


  • ARM Hexa Core


  • 360 degree LIDAR
  • Depth camera x2
  • RGB camera x1
  • Proximity sensor x5
  • IMU sensor
  • ToF linear sensor x6
  • Step sensor x2

Real-time sensor fusion and data analytics secure fully autonomous navigation



An intuitive operating system, temi OS learns how to get closer, hear, speak, see, understand and serve you better all the time.

Voice dialogue

Using automatic speech recognition (ASR) and far-field speech technology, natural language processing (NLP), speech-to-text (STT) and text-to-speech (TTS) engines, temi listens and identifies the user's voice understand and respond.

User interface

Designed for the ultimate in human-robot interaction, temi displays visually and video-enhance the user experience of speaking, listening and seeing what they want to see.


temi has an integrated AI engine that connects you to your favorite services.The navigation system self-learns its surroundings and understands where temi is, what it is looking at and where it is going.

Integration with third-party apps

We publish the SDK.

Usage purpose

  • AI assistant
  • Telepresence
  • Video call
  • News
  • Personal DJ
  • Own application development
  • Photo Summarized video
  • Guidance/Caddy
  • home hub
  • entertainment



802.11b / g / n / ac


Wireless short-range connectivity with Bluetooth 4.0 devices and accessories (coming soon)

Size and weight

Size and weight


Width 35cm
Depth 45cm
100 cm high


12 kg



10.1 inch HD LCD screen

Capacitive multi-touch (19200X1200) IPS LCD 1600 million colors touch panel display for intuitive interface
Resolution: 224 (ppi)
Brightness up to 340 cd/m2 (typical)
anti-fingerprint coating

screen tilt

screen tilt

Screen tilt with autonomous face tracking
BLDC motor with planetary gear for high precision and quiet operation
Operating Range: –15°~+55°



microphone array

Omnidirectional digital microphone x4
real-time localization
acoustic echo cancellation
Environmental noise reduction



20W audio
HiFi equalizer
Subwoofer x1
Midrange speaker x2
Tweeter x2
passive radiator
acoustically transparent fabric



13 MP high resolution camera

auto focus
angle of view 60 degrees
5 lenses
Hybrid IR filter

wide camera

13MP wide camera for remote navigation
95 degree angle of view, 1080p@30FPS

TOF depth camera

30 FPS
up to 5 meters
angle of view 90 degrees




ARM Quad core
Human interaction computer based on Android architecture with unique launcher and user interface


ARM Hexa core
Main navigation computer based on ARM architecture for high performance with minimal power consumption



Up to XNUMX hours of operation per charge
Autonomous charging -100V
Lithium ion battery
High performance docking station



Two independent 2 W direct-drive brushless DC motors
High resolution magnetic encoder for a smooth and accurate ride


Zero turning radius

Moving Speed

Up to 1m/sec

Optimal grip, stability and vibration control with custom tires



Wireless charging

Tray with standard wireless charger for mobile phones
USB-A host (x1) (DC5V/0.9A)
Barrel jack (x1) (DC12V/1.2A)
Tray mounting screw holes (x4)


30 25 cm x cm
3 Kg load capacity

Included items

Included items

temi body
Docking station and charging cable
Quick start guide

  • The first year purchase fee includes the main unit cost, system usage fee, shipping fee, and annual remote support fee.
  • For kubi, Keigan HATO, and Telepii, a separate tablet or smartphone is required as a display.
  • There is also an option kit that can expand the function.
  • Contact Us If you can consult us about your usage environment and purpose from ", our consultant will propose the optimal setup.

About temi's image material linked image
Please use it freely

Supported apps

maker app
maker app
Avatar Robot for Zoom
Avatar Robot for Zoom

Comparison of temi V2 and temi V3

Version name V1 V2 ultimate (ultimate+) V3 (V3C)
Sales Statictics
End of V1 sales
Now accepting upgrades
V2 ultimate on sale
Now accepting upgrades
Sales start
Width 35cm x Depth 45cm x Height 100cm
Width 35cm x Depth 45cm x Height 100cm
Width 35cm x Depth 45cm x Height 100cm
10.1 inch
1920 × 1080
10.1 inch
1920 × 1080
13.3 inch
1920 × 1080
CPU RK3288
Quad-core Cortex-A17 1.8GHz
Quad-core Cortex-A17 1.8GHz
RK3399 Pro Rock Chip
(Dual-core Cortex-A72 1.8GHz)×2
(Quad-core Cortex-A53 1.4GHz)×2
OS Android 6 Android 6 Android 11
WIFI Celluar 802.11b/g/n/ac 2.4GHz/5GHz
802.11b/g/n/ac 2.4GHz/5GHz
802.11b/g/n/ac 2.4GHz/5GHz
4G/LTE/5G (V3C)
V4.1 BLE Slave
V4.1 BLE Slave
2.1 port Type-A x 2 (ultimate+)
V5.0 BLE compatible master/slave
3.1 port Type-C, 2.1 port Type-A
TO DEAL Detection range: 10m
Registered location reachability: 0-300cm
Detection range: 40m
Registered location reachability: 0-10cm
Detection range: 40m
Registered location reachability: 0-10cm
Ground Depth Camera Detection range: ~0.4m
Minimum obstacle detection: height 5cm
Ground Depth Camera
Detection range: ~1.2m
Minimum obstacle detection: height 2cm
Ground Depth Camera
Detection range: ~1.2m
Minimum obstacle detection: height 2cm
Ground Depth Camera
Tray wireless Charger wireless Charger 12V/1.2A barrel Jack
Software version
Software updates
temi Value Service - - Basic
Registration map area
Number of registered points
50m radius around home base
200 maximum
50m radius around home base
200 maximum
50m radius around home base
200 maximum
Control from mobile
Video call
remote mapping
map backup
temi center (PC control)
Sending notes during telepresence
User rights management





Up to 60 seconds



Is auto answer possible?
Is possible.
Is security guaranteed?
Information is encrypted using the P2P (peer-to-peer) method.
Can it be operated by multiple people?
Basically, one terminal is operated per robot.
KeiganHATO and kubi are possible by using background apps.
What conference system can I use?
You will use an application developed based on Zoom.
What is the connection distance?
As long as you have an internet connection, you can connect with the world.
What will be the operating terminal?
Please operate from your iPhone, iPad or PC.
Is it easy to use?
The operation is simple, but there are individual differences until you get used to it.
Is it battery operated?
What are some examples of implementation? (Usage plan?)
As a telework installed in the office.Remote visitation at a location away from the facility.It is used in various situations such as remote school participation.
Can it be operated from a PC?
Yes. It is possible.
Can you zoom?
No, I can not.
How long does the battery last?
According to the manufacturer's announcement, it operates for 8 hours.Please consider 4-5 hours if you want to keep the video chat running all the time.
What's the speed?
The data announced by the manufacturer is 1 meter/1 second.
If it is a straight line distance, it is about the speed of an adult walking slowly.
It has a sensor that avoids obstacles, so it will stop if there is something in the direction of travel.
What is the operating terminal?
It will be operated on an iPad with iOS or an iPhone.
Please download the app "AVATAR Robot for ZOOM" from our company on the AppStore.
What is your internet environment?
A Wi-Fi environment is required.
Since the communication status affects the connection, image quality, and voice quality, it is necessary to prepare a communication environment that allows one robot to use it.
* Video chat is 1 GB per hour as a guideline.
Can I use it in places where there is no power supply?
If the main unit is fully charged, it will operate without a power supply (outlet) on the spot.
Realistically, I think it's safe to use it in a place where you can get a power supply.
Can I wear clothes?
It is possible to decorate it, but please be careful not to cover the LIDAR (automatic stop request) and speakers at your feet.
Can I register the location?
While temi is active, it constantly uses LIDAR to map its surroundings.
After completing the mapping by running in the space, move temi to the desired location and set the point registration.
Is it possible to run on carpet?
It can run on flat, dry floors.It automatically stops at places where peeling or unevenness occurs.
Avoid rugs, rugs, or other rugs with long piles. (The tire will get caught and it will not move.)
What is your safety design?Are designs and tests conducted in accordance with standardized standards?
I am getting:
Terminal Equipment Standard Conformity Certification TELEC https://www.telec.or.jp/services/term/index.html
Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law PSE https://www.jet.or.jp/law/pse/index.html
Is it possible to set it to work only within a certain range?
A virtual wall can be set.
Is it possible to stop the operation at night or early in the morning to prevent the security device from malfunctioning?
Please turn off temi.It will not work until you reboot.
What is the response when damage occurs (robot damage, building damage, interpersonal injury, etc.)?
There is no compensation for the building in use or personal injury.
In addition, we will not charge for damage to the robot during rental unless it is intentionally damaged by the user or does not correspond to items prohibited in the user manual.
How much electricity do you use?
It is 6 Wh (nominal power, time is actual measurement value) in 211.6 hours of charging time.
Where should I set my home base?
Please install in a place where you can secure 120cm front and 50cm left and right while connected to the power supply.

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