Short-term rental service for telepresence avatar robots

iPresenceShort-term rental service for telepresence avatar robots

iPresence offers a paid rental service for the autonomous mobile telepresence avatar robot temi V3.
"I want to try it out in the environment where we plan to introduce it."
"I want to set up the expected usage and show it to my superiors and decision makers."
"I want to see the reaction of the on-site staff who will be using it."
This is recommended for those who:To ensure peace of mind when installing the product, please first take advantage of our rental service.

\Short-term MICE (exhibitions, conferences, weddings)Corporations and individuals who want to rentCustomersClick here/

Telepresence avatar robot rental

You can experience Telerobo before it is introduced!

You can try out the telepresence avatar robot (hereafter referred to as telerobot) in your usual office, factory, showroom, etc. Come experience the automation, labor-saving, and remote communication that telerobots bring.Rental periods can be chosen from one day onwards.Telerobo short-term rental, which can eliminate any anxiety prior to implementation, has been well received by many customers.

Telerobots available for short-term rental

temi V3

iPresence Co., Ltd. offers short-term rental of the Telerobot temiV3. temi V3 is a high-performance robot with autonomous movement and a multifunctional interface, and can be used for a wide range of purposes. Please feel free to contact us to discuss how to set up the Telerobot that is best suited to your environment.

Points to check before renting

Checkpoints that customers check when renting a Telerobo for short periodsIf you are worried about the rental period, please use this as a reference.

Rental period

In the checklistIf you checked many items, we recommend a one-month rental..


1 day rental

You can rent it for as little as one day.


1 week rental

This is a recommended plan if you have something you want to rent and check, or if you have a set schedule for having many relevant people come and see it.

Most popular

1 month rental

This is our most popular plan, which allows you time to thoroughly check temi’s operation in anticipated usage scenarios, and have it inspected by a person with decision-making authority, such as your department supervisor.

Rental fee

The rental fee includes all accessories.Wi-Fi routers and other equipment can also be rented upon request.

Rental contents and accessories

Rental flow

We will propose the necessary settings and period for the telerobot according to your request. Customers can also deliver the product by themselves using regular courier services, so it is possible to conduct testing at multiple locations far away from each other.

Please let us know the product you would like to purchase and the period of use by clicking the "Rental Consultation Reservation" link below. Our expert consultants will provide you with detailed assistance.

We will propose the most suitable products and usage plans based on your requests. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

If you are satisfied with our proposal, we will begin the contract procedure. After that, we will deliver the product in a special box via courier service and begin the rental process.

Rental consultation reservation

Please contact us here to apply for a consultation session regarding Telerobo rental. Our experienced consultants will propose the best Telerobo and rental period for you. Please feel free to make a reservation.