I feel close even when I'm far away
Communication robot


What is Ohmni?


Ohmni is a communication robot that uses state-of-the-art technology.Even if you are far away from your family, you will feel close to them, providing a completely different experience than skype or FaceTime calls.
With one-click access from anywhere in the world, you can communicate as if you were inside a robot.
Free and amazingly natural, you can freely watch the scenes you want to see and go where you want to go.

Ohmni doesn't require you to keep track of what you're looking at, or even lift a finger.No need to set up your laptop/tablet or stop working to answer a call.

Ohmni allows you to focus on having fun with the people you care about.

Sense of presence as if you were nearby

Ohmni Feel like you're close
  • Cooking with grandma in the kitchen
  • Watch a show or basketball game together
  • Spend time on the deck with a family BBQ
  • Help your family at home troubleshoot electrical issues
  • Participate in a family movie viewing (from beginning to end of movie)

Product Information



  • 13K camera with 4-megapixel snapshot and super zoom function
  • 10.1" HDIPS touchscreen
  • Fast and Sharp HD Video Streaming
  • 95Wh LiFePO4 battery (6+ hours)
  • Ohmni Glide Drive brushless motor with precision encoder
  • ContactIf you can consult us about your usage environment and purpose from ", our consultant will propose the optimal setup.
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Supported apps

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maker app