iPresenceLatest NewsStarted handling telepresence avatar robot [temi V3]!

Started handling telepresence avatar robot [temi V3]!

temi V3 (white)

temi V3 (white)

What is temi

An AI-equipped autonomous mobile that encourages “dialogue” with distant loved ones and serves as a “window” to things in your home or office.telepresence avatar robot.
temi product page:
temi has various extensions.
AI generates a bird's-eye view map of the room using a distance measurement sensor, and automatic movement is also possible with a single click.
There is also a follow mode that automatically follows the person in front of you, giving you a new remote control experience.

In addition, the product design is cute and has a sense of security, and it fits in with people.
In iPresence, by applying various original teleport applications to temi, we have achieved convenience that is not found anywhere else.

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Started handling temi V3!Updates for existing temi are also accepted!

iPresence has provided many temi so far, but this timeStarted handling temi V3did!
Regarding temi that you have already purchasedCan be updated to V3 specificationsISince there are some parts, it is now possible to propose update contents according to the customer's temi.

The biggest feature of V3 is the size increase of the head display and the significant improvement of CPU performance.
In application operation, a feeling of operation without stress has been realized.

temi V3 product information

temi V3 hardware

・13.3-inch large display
・Android 11
・High performance CPU
・Extensive USB ports (USB-C/A)
・Bluetooth (Master/Slave)
・Equipped with 13MP wide-angle camera
・Flash: 64GB

temi V3 specifications

temi V3 specifications

Cellular compatible model joins the ranks!: temi V3C (5G compatible) (Currently, only NTT Docomo SIM cards are guaranteed to work)

temi V3 specifications

Dimensions: Width 35cm x Depth 45cm x Height 100cm
Weight: 12kg
LCD display
Display: 13.3 inches (H293.76/V 165.24)
Resolution: 1920 × 1080
Touch panel method
Glass type: tempered glass 1.1mm surface hardness 8H
Other: Anti-fingerprint coating
CPU/RAM/Flash memory
CPU: RK3399 Pro (Rock Chip)
         Dual-core Cortex-A72 up to 1.8GHz × 2
         Quad-core Cortex-A53 up to 1.4GHz × 2
Flash: 64GB
Android version/Google Services
Android: Android 11
Updates: regular security updates
Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi5
          802.11b/g/n/ac, 2.4G/5G
Cellular model: 4G/LTE/5G (*option)
Bluetooth: V5.0 BLE compatible master/slave mode
USB 3.1 port Type-C: 4G USB dongle type support
            External USB camera support
            USB device support
USB 2.1 Port Type-A: 4G USB dongle type support
            External USB camera support
            USB device support
LIDAR: detection range 40m
            Registered location accuracy 0-10cm
Ground Depth Camera: Detection range ~1.2m
            Minimum obstacle detection Height 2cm
Tray: 12V/1.2A barrel jack

temi V3 price and purchase method

Remote operation experience of temi V3, price estimate, and introduction methodContact FormPlease contact us.Details will be provided by our sales representative.
For customers who already have temi, we will individually propose whether it is possible to update to temi V3 and what kind of specifications it will be.
If you wish, please contact your sales representative orContact FormPlease contact us.