iPresenceLatest NewsMobile phone Telepii is certified as a made-in-Fukushima robot [Fukurobo]!

Mobile phone Telepii is certified as a made-in-Fukushima robot [Fukurobo]!

Moving telephone telepi (Telepii) image

Moving telephone telepi (Telepii) image


What is a mobile phone (Telepii)?

Telepywill make video calls between you and your family in another place even more fun, happy, and enriching.telepresence avatar robot.

With conventional video chat, you can only see places that depend on the other party.
For example, even if you want to eat with your family at the same time, you have no choice but to lean your smartphone against a cup and look at the designated area while talking.
if you have a telepyJust put your smartphone on the telepySo, they fixed each other's faces at an angle that was easy to see,While looking around 360 degrees with your own willMake communication fun and enjoyable.
In addition, many conventional telepresence avatar robots are expensive, and it was not possible to casually converse with family members or place them on a desk.But by using telepy, in an unprecedented waySpace and time can be sharedIt looks like

Telepy rotates 360 degrees, easy to use!

Telepy rotates 360 degrees, easy to use!

How much difference will be made in communication with and without telepy?Only by actually using it can you understandYou can't feel it with a conventional videophoneIt's a strange feeling.

When there is telepy and when there is no image

When there is telepy and when there is no image

By connecting us with our loved ones through telepy, our feelings of anxiety, loneliness, and unsatisfactory feelings can be alleviated, and we will be able to spend more enjoyable times with a sense of security, broadening the range of communication methods. will give you
For details, telepy official websitePlease take a look at

What is Fukurobo?

In order to promote the introduction of made-in-Fukushima robots, Fukushima Prefecture subsidizes part of the introduction costs for robots manufactured or developed within Fukushima Prefecture.
Telepy will be certified as a made-in-Fukushima robot on October 2022, 10, and will be listed in the Fukushima Robo Catalog next year.
However, the subsidy for introduction has already started, so if you are considering purchasing it, please check if you are eligible for the subsidy below.

Subsidies are available to corporations and sole proprietors inside and outside Fukushima Prefecture

Fukurobo subsidies are limited to corporations or sole proprietors who are considering introducing robots inside or outside Fukushima Prefecture, and general individuals are not eligible.note that.
The flow of procedures for the target person to purchase is as follows, but the content may differ depending on the target person, so please contact Fukushima Prefecture in advance.Fukurobo subsidy guideline pageWe would appreciate it if you could confirm with the prefecture and proceed with the procedure.
(*Please refrain from contacting us as we cannot answer any questions or details regarding the subsidy application.)


① Apply after preparing application documents and attached documents
*You need to apply for a subsidy before purchasing a robot.
*Subsidized persons are corporations or sole proprietors inside and outside the prefecture. (general individuals are not eligible)
* In order to confirm the name of the person to whom the delivery is to be made, the date, the name of the company, the contact information, the company seal, the estimated amount, etc., we ask you to submit the estimate, order, delivery, and receipt, so please use a mail order site such as Amazon. purchases are not eligible.
② Order purchase after receiving a notification of grant decision from the prefecture after document screening
(XNUMX) Conduct the business according to the purpose of purchasing the robot described in the application documents.
④ Submission of performance report after project completion
⑤ If there is no problem with the performance, submit the invoice
⑥Subsidy payment based on the invoice at the prefecture


Telepy may allow you to spend time with your family in a different way, such as when working overtime or on a business trip.
If you are a corporation or sole proprietor who is interested in telepresence avatar robots, please take advantage of the subsidy and try a new communication experience.