iPresenceLatest News[Mimamorumetelepi] A new app has appeared on the moving phone Telepii!Watch over your children and family!

[Mimamorumetelepi] A new app has appeared on the moving phone Telepii!Watch over your children and family!

Birth of "Mimamorume Telepy App" to reduce worries about watching children and families!

iPresence LLC is collaborating with Mimamorume Co., Ltd., which develops watching over children with IC tags and GPS.mimamorume telepy appis now on sale.
stay homeChild protectionSupporting family tiesTo do.
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<SuchYour worriesIs there? >
·everytimeChildren only answering machine.I wonder how you are doing.
・On the goforgot to tellI remembered.I don't have a cell phone,how to tell?
-childrenI have something I want to tell you when you get home.that I came backThei want to know right away.


Mimamorume telepy supports children's protection and family connection!

Three features of Mimamorume telepy app

(XNUMX) Start a videophone call with automatic connection

On the telepy installed at homeVideophone automatically connects,while talkingthe situation in the room360 degree view.
* Only pre-approved parties can be connected automatically.

② "I'm home" notification button

When the child comes home and touches the displaySend "I'm home" notifications to family members.
You can also start a video call after confirming that your child has returned home.

③ “Message” function

"There are delicious snacks in the refrigerator", "It's going to rain so don't forget your umbrella!"Deliver the feelings you want to convey “now”

How to use the Mimamoru telepy app

① Register an account for the app at the online store of Mimamorume
② Install the Mimamorume app on your smartphone
③ Start using by setting automatic response etc.

How to make the most of the features of the Mimamoru telepy app

If you want to make the most of the functions of the Mimamoru telepy app, a small sizetelepresence avatar robotPlease use it with the moving telephone telepy.
Moving telephone telepy official website

Moving telephone telepi (Telepii) image

Moving telephone telepi (Telepii) image

mimamorume telepy appRemote control functionUse to remotely control the telephony that works from outside,360 degree view of the roomAt the same time, both parties can enjoy communication while experiencing a sense of presence and a sense of security as if they were there.

Usage image

How to use mimamoru telepy

Mimamoru telepy is
・Moving telephone telepy body
・Mimamorume Telepy App
If you have, you can easily use it.No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth settings required.

About Mimamorume Telepy App

¥ 980 / month
View app information


About the telepy body

Body price: 8,900 yen (tax included)
A small telepresence avatar robot developed by iPresence LLC.
You can freely look around the 360-degree space without Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection.
Moving telephone telepy official website