iPresenceLatest News[Press Release] "Remote Business Negotiation" provided by iPresence is published in the TOKYO MICE Technology Introduction Guidelines!

[Press Release] "Remote Business Negotiation" provided by iPresence is published in the TOKYO MICE Technology Introduction Guidelines!

Participate in the exhibition remotely with an AI-equipped self-propelled telepresence robot temi and a 360-degree video experience!
You can have business negotiations with exhibitors in a simulated face-to-face manner!

Provided by iPresence LLC (head office: Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture)telepresence avatar robot(hereinafter referred to as Telerobo) has been published in the TOKYO MICE technology introduction guidelines issued by the Tokyo Tourism Foundation.
In addition, the foundation is soliciting applications for the next-generation MICE hosting funding for the utilization of this technology. (The application deadline is February 2023, 2, and the grant amount will be the upper limit of 28 million yen per MICE or 1/3,000 of the total eligible expenses, whichever is lower.)
*MICE is an acronym for M: Meeting (corporate conference), I: Incentive Travel (company reward/training trip), C: Convention (international conference), E: Exhibition/Event (exhibition/event, etc.) A generic term that takes

TOKYO MICE Technology Introduction Guidelines (P.17)

Next-generation MICE holding funding support

What is telerobo remote business negotiations?
The remote business negotiation service is a solution that solves the following problems faced by organizers, exhibitors, and participants in the MICE field.
・I want to make it possible for busy domestic/overseas VIPs and other people who cannot visit the local exhibition venue to participate remotely.
・I want to appeal more to overseas and remote buyers
・I can't go to the local exhibition hall, but I want to participate

■ Example video of remote business negotiations

■ Overview of technology
・Users can visit the exhibition remotely from a web browser on their PC via Telerobo, which can be operated online, installed in a 5G environment, etc. (no software installation required, dedicated URL distributed).

Remote business negotiation image

Remote business negotiation image

・Remote visitors can tour and tour the venue while viewing different images on two screens, one from the Telerobo camera and the other from the 360-degree camera mounted on the Telerobo, giving them the feeling of being there. It is possible to have business talks with exhibitors while experiencing it.

360-degree camera video and telerobo video image

360-degree camera video and telerobo video image

・Organizers and exhibitors will have more ways to approach attracting VIP visitors, etc., which they have missed so far.
・It will contribute to improving the satisfaction of exhibitors and remote visitors by being able to communicate remotely with a feeling similar to face-to-face business negotiations.
・Telerobo makes it easy for remote visitors to see, which is useful for improving the liveliness of local exhibition venues and increasing motivation to visit the next exhibition.

■ Prerequisites and price for service introduction
Price: 20-30 yen / per telerobo
Breakdown: Equipment rental fee including telerobo main unit, system usage fee, professional attendant staff fee (3 days usage period)
*Prices do not include communication environment construction costs, pre-rehearsal costs, or staff travel costs.
* Recommended communication environment: Wireless LAN (down 30 Mbps, up 50 Mbps or more)
*Recommended usage time: 1-2 hours x 3 pairs/day (approximate battery life)
Along with the formulation of the TOKYO MICE technology introduction guidelines, public offering for the next-generation MICE holding funding support has begun.Please use it to introduce the remote business negotiation service.
The conditions and price at the time of introduction of this service will not change depending on the presence or absence of the subsidy.

If you are considering remote control experience of telerobo and 360 degree camera, online demonstration, or introduction of remote business negotiation service, please feel free to contact us from our website inquiry form.

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Combining digital twins and metaverses with remote communication technology, we develop and provide more immersive remote experience methods, and are committed to DX (digital transformation), Japanese culture, and regional revitalization projects.

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