iPresenceLatest News[Press Release] Realizing remote training and management with telepresence avatar robots kubi and Double3!

[Press Release] Realizing remote training and management with telepresence avatar robots kubi and Double3!

With telepresence avatar robot kubi and Double3"Training" and "Management" realized remotely!
-Full-scale operation will start in January 2022 at WOWOW Communications Contact Center Division-

WOWOW Communications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, President: Ichiro Yamazaki, hereinafter WOWOW
Communications) is iPresence LLC (head office: Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, representative Christophers Chris Francis,
Desktop telepresence avatar robot (hereafter referred to as “Tele Robo”) kubi and self-propelled Tele Robo provided by iPresence)
After trial introduction to the contact center division of Double3, full-scale operation started in January 2022.

WOWOW Communications operates contact center departments in four locations in Japan, and the excellent skills of training instructors
and know-how in all bases, and for administrators who had difficulty working remotely from the perspective of security and personnel management during the corona crisis
Introduced as a new way of working, we have realized remote training and management with high quality.

<Introduction usage scene>
1. In-house training
2. Remote work of administrators

<Introduction telerobo>
1. kubi (desktop type)
2.Double3 (Self-propelled)

<Demonstration experiment details>
In April 2021, telerobo was introduced on a trial basis, and training using kubi was held in April (lecturer: Sapporo, participant: Yokohama).
After that, we expanded the scope and conducted demonstration tests at four bases nationwide, including the head office.

1.Remote training instructors
Some people were concerned that using Telerobo would be no different from regular video conferencing, but employees who actually experienced it said
Many people commented, "It's markedly different from the conventional video conference training."

(Voice of a participant)
・There was a feeling that he was looking at me by shaking his head, and I felt that I was closer than a real instructor.
・In the group work, kubi was right next to me and it felt closer than usual
・There was a sense of tension when the voice reached me

(Voice of lecturers)
・Be able to feel close to the students and tell them, "I'm watching, I'm listening to your discussion."
was able to
・In group work during real training, multiple groups discuss at the same time, so it is difficult to fully understand the content, but with kubi
It was a new discovery that I could hear clearly

Training photo using kubi (Instructor remotely connects to kubi)

Training photo using kubi (Instructor remotely connects to kubi)

2. Remote administrator
In the contact center department, it is difficult to telework from the viewpoint of information management, so it is recommended that both managers and communicators come to work.
As usual, due to the corona whirlpool, it has become an urgent task to work from home.

(Effect of introduction)
Normally, evaluations and guidance on customer service were conducted face-to-face, but by using kubi, managers can
It is now possible to give feedback to the communicators working at the center.
In addition, by constantly connecting the kubi, you can talk to them at any time as if you were in the same space, so you can share know-how between bases.
Confirmation can now be done in both directions.
Regardless of the corona wreck, in the future, we will respond to employees who have difficulty coming to work due to life events, etc., and each individual will maximize their performance.
We will promote utilization as a tool to demonstrate.

Contact center support with Double3

Contact center support with Double3

* What is a telepresence avatar robot (telerobo)?
By combining remote video chat and robot technology, Telerobo can walk around remote areas with independence even from a distance.
new communication tool

[Company profile of WOWOW Communications Co., Ltd.]
Head office location: 4-4-5 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture Yokohama i-Mark Place 3F
Establishment         : 1998/2/24
Capital        : 47,880 million yen
CEO        : Ichiro Yamazaki, President and Representative Director
Business description: Contact center, response quality improvement service, digital marketing, data marketing,
Product sales and travel business
Website  :

[Company Profile of iPresence LLC]
Company name      : iPresence LLC
CEO       : Christophers Chris Francis
Location       : Kobe Fashion Mart 658F, 0032-6 Koyocho Naka, Higashinada-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture 9-4
Establishment          : May 2014
Business Activities   : Providing advanced technology equipment, robot equipment, communication equipment, software and related services
Company HP      :

Company introduction
iPresence GK is a pioneer of telepresence avatar robot related services utilizing temi, kubi and Double3.
We are developing and providing new remote experience methods that combine digital twins (*) and metaverse with remote communication technology.
We are committed to DX (Digital Transformation), Japanese culture and regional revitalization projects.

Digital twin:
The concept of a twin relationship between reality and reality, which is a digital copy of the real space.
As a semi-realistic digital space where you can feel as if you are there, combine with real-time sensing to preserve the past, share information, and grasp the situation.
It is expected to be used as a simulation tool for predicting the future.

■ Contact information:
For details of this content and telerobo, please contact us from the following.
iPresence LLC
〒658-0032 Kobe Fashion Mart 6F, 9-4 Koyocho Naka, Higashinada-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture

WOWOW Communications Co., Ltd.
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