iPresenceLatest News[Press release] Digital twinning of corporate showrooms | 3D exchange digital showroom "AvatarTwin beta version" released on July 7

[Press release] Digital twinning of corporate showrooms | 3D exchange digital showroom "AvatarTwin beta version" released on July 7

AvatarTwin beta version released

iPresence LLC (Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture) will jointly release the interactive digital showroom “AvatarTwin β version” with ArchiTwin Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo), which develops remote management solutions using digital twins, from July 2023, 7 (Wednesday). did.existWe will create a virtual walkthrough (digital twin space) that looks exactly like a showroom, and realize the operation of a digital showroom that allows real-time information exchange between customers and sales within the space.

"AvatarTwinβ version" is a 4K-quality interactive digital showroom where you can explain products to customers from anywhere.By entering the space as an avatar and having a voice conversation with the customer about the product description in real time, and visualizing the line of sight to the place where the customer is looking, we realized an interaction that is almost like face-to-face communication even though it is digital. .There is no need to download a dedicated app, it can be accessed from a browser and embedded on the company's website.

Background to the release of “AvatarTwinβ version”

Many digital showrooms were born in the world during the pandemic, but as a result of interviews with our customers, they said that they wanted to do sales while watching customer reactions in real time, and they wanted something that didn't require downloading an app. there was a voice

Therefore, since iPresence was founded, we have utilized various technologies such as robots, VR, and AR to provide customers with a remote communication experience based on the theme of being there without being there. We have decided to start providing a digital twin "AvatarTwin" service for sales that can be operated with one click on the browser.

“AvatarTwinβ version” future expandability

1) Telepresence avatar robot connection
It is possible to connect the real space and the digital twin space via the telepresence avatar robot provided by iPresence.

2) Plugin cooperation
It will also work with plug-ins such as Autodesk, Unity, Unreal Engine, and three.js.It is also possible to consult for extended development.

About ArchiTwin Inc. ( )
Founded in 2020.We aim to contribute to the construction industry by using remote site management solutions that utilize digital twin technology.

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