iPresenceLatest News[Exhibition] Exhibition at Orgatec Tokyo 2023 in April 4 | Now accepting reservations for remote control experience and business negotiations!

[Exhibition] Exhibition at Orgatec Tokyo 2023 in April 4 | Now accepting reservations for remote control experience and business negotiations!

What is Orgatec Tokyo 2023?

ORGATEC, which started in Cologne, Germany in 1953, continues to propose office environments that lead the times, and is now the world's largest event.This year's "Orgatec Tokyo 2", which will be held for the second time as an overseas expansion, will have more than 2023 brands and manufacturers exhibiting in a space about twice as large as the previous year.Many creators and businessmen such as developers, architects, and interior designers gather at the venue, and it is overflowing with cutting-edge goods and information such as furniture design, various materials, and textiles.
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At Orgatec Tokyo Experience Area

Remote control experience at Orgatec Tokyo 4 held in April last year


iPresence Exhibits at Orgatec Tokyo 2023

At Orgatec Tokyo 2023, we will propose solutions that realize better work styles and workplaces that match our customers.
Provided by iPresenceTelepresence avatar robot (Tele Robo),Digital twinThese cutting-edge technologies are used in a wide range of fields, such as networking events, lectures, in-house training, management, and factory management, as solutions for designing ways of working and communication inside and outside the company.
Some examples are introduced below.

Examples of external use of telepresence avatar robots

You can use it when you can't go to the site even if you want to, such as due to work schedules or family circumstances.
When the Union of International Organizations (UIA) held the first international conference for the Asia-Pacific region, the UIA Associations Round Table Asia-Pacific, in Tokyo, due to travel restrictions due to the corona crisis, we invited speakers from overseas using Telerobo. .
A total of 110 people participated online and offline, and thanks to the use of Telerobo, a total of 6 speakers from Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, and Switzerland were able to enjoy new exchanges with the participants at the venue using cutting-edge technology. I made it.
Hybrid networking event solution example:

Hybrid social gathering solution

Hybrid social gathering solution


In-house use case of telepresence avatar robot

WOWOW Communications Co., Ltd. has introduced Telerobo in order to improve the productivity and satisfaction of employees while increasing the degree of freedom in the workplace as the work style changes due to the corona disaster.
When communicating during training, etc., a moderate sense of tension is created on both sides of being "seen" and "heard", which enhances the individual's presence and enables seamless information sharing.It also helps to reduce the time and expenses associated with business trips.
Introduction example of WOWOW Communications Inc.:

Training photo using kubi (Instructor remotely connects to kubi)

Training photo using kubi (Instructor remotely connects to kubi)


We are accepting reservations for telepresence avatar robot remote control experiences, case studies, and business meetings.

iPresence introduces proposals and implementation examples of solutions that meet customer needs.
Telerobo will be exhibited and a remote control experience will be held during the Orgatec Tokyo exhibition, so if you are interested, please make a reservation in advance using the form below.
Advance reservation application form:

Remote control experience held at Makuhari Messe:
This is the situation when an announcer from Fukushima Prefecture remotely visited the Japan Drone Exhibition via Telerobot temi.

iPresence Orgatec Tokyo 2023 Exhibition Information

会期:2023年4月26日(水)〜28日(金)10:00〜17:00 (28日は16:00まで)
Venue: Tokyo International Exhibition Center "Tokyo Big Sight" West Halls 1 and 2 H-63 
135-0063-3 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo 11-1
TEL: 03-5530-1111
*Pre-registration is required for the event.Together with business meeting reservationAdvance visit reservation with hand sanitizer.

We are looking forward to seeing you all at the venue on the day of the event.