iPresenceLatest News[Wednesday, September 2022, 11] Airmeet Conference Live Online Demo!Now accepting applications!

[Wednesday, September 2022, 11] Airmeet Conference Live Online Demo!Now accepting applications!

What is Airmeet?

Appeal of Airmeet_Conference

Appeal of Airmeet_Conference

India's first online meeting and event hosting platform (English official site: Japanese official website:
It has grown rapidly since its establishment in 2019, and is a company with a sense of speed that system updates are being performed at a dizzying pace.It is attracting a lot of attention all over the world, and the number of companies investing in it is increasing in Japan as well.Adopting a freemium model as a business model, we provide solutions that meet the needs of the times so that anyone can easily create and experience an event platform.
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You can experience Airmeet Conference realistically! Join the Live Online Demo!

At iPresence, once a month, while talking online with the person in charge,Air meet Entering the conference venueThank you, organizers and participantsOperability,What you can doto introduceExperience party 

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In addition to the schedule belowIndividual consultation supportTherefore, if you would like more information,Contact formPlease feel free to contact us.

Airmeet Conference Live online demo date and time

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◆ Date:
Wednesday, March 2022, 11 16: 16-00: 17
*Those who find it difficult to participate in the above are also welcome.Contact formPlease contact us.
◆ Contents:
16:00-17:00 Live Online Demo
17:00-17:30 Live individual consultation 
◆ Location:
Online event platform Airmeet Conference event venue
◆ How to participate:
Online demo application form buttonPlease apply from  
After you have applied, we will send the event venue link to your registered email address.
Online demoParticipation inGoogle Chromeplease use.
Recommended device : PC 
(If you are participating on iOS or Android, please download the Airmeet app in advance before participating. If you are participating on a device other than a PC, you will not be able to use the Airmeet lounge. Please understand.)
◆Application for Airmeet Conference Live Online Demo
Those who wish to participate on Wednesday, September 2022, 11
~ Until 2022:11 on the day of September 16, 13 (Wednesday)Online demo application formReception at