iPresenceLatest News[Representative speaker] March 2024, 3 (Friday) Kobe's innovation creation program “Be Next KOBE” Kobe Results presentation “A challenge from Kobe to the world”! anchor kobe

[Representative speaker] March 2024, 3 (Friday) Kobe's innovation creation program “Be Next KOBE” Kobe Results presentation “A challenge from Kobe to the world”! anchor kobe

A cross-border, co-creation, and close-knit social problem-solving program “Changing the future of Kobe as a local city”

iPresence Co., Ltd.3We will be making a presentation at the Be Next KOBE (BNK) results presentation "A Challenge from Kobe to the World" to be held at Anchor Kobe on Friday, August 8th.On the day, five companies in Kobe, including iPresence Co., Ltd., will be presenting their respective initiatives. iPresence Co., Ltd. proposes new solutions that utilize next-generation robotics. We aim to address the communication issues of modern society and develop a platform that connects the "virtual world" and the "real world" through technology.

This event is open to the public and will also be streamed online, so we look forward to your participation.
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*The event has ended.

[Presentation project idea]“A new era of robotics that eliminates barriers through the evolution of connectivity!”

iPresence Co., Ltd. proposes new solutions for various industries and social issues by combining robot technology.

Assignment background
Communication issues in modern society include ``physical distance,'' ``time constraints,'' and ``limitations to real-time interaction.'' I believe that if these limitations can be removed (with new remote communication technology), fields such as business, education, and medicine will change significantly.

A clue to ideas for solving problems
We are building a platform that uses technology to eliminate the barriers between the "virtual world" and the "real site." We will propose new solutions that utilize next-generation robotics.


iPresence Co., Ltd. Representative Director Christopher's Chris Francis

Outline of the results presentation “A challenge from Kobe to the world”

[Date] March 2024, 3 (Friday) *Event has ended
[Time] 15:00-18:00 (Reception starts at 14:30)
[Location] Anchor Kobe (4th floor, Kobe Sannomiya Hankyu Building, 2-1-15 Kano-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe)
【Registration Fee】 Free

 ① Introduction of “Be Next KOBE Program”
 ② Business presentation and question and answer session by 5 supporting businesses
 ③ Special project “Panel discussion ~Toward co-creating the future of Kobe~”
 ④ Toward further co-creation (request to all participants)
 ⑤ Social gathering

[Post-program social gathering] After the presentation of the results, a social gathering will be held at a store near the venue for those who gathered at the venue on the day. If you would like to participate, please fill out the application form and apply.

[Target people] Business owners in Kobe who have ideas to change the world originating from Kobe / Local government employees related to industrial promotion in Hyogo Prefecture / Social solution type startups / Persons in charge of new business at business companies / Kobe People all over the country who love it/Support organizations such as VCs and financial institutions that are interested in creating regional innovations

[Conversation video with BNK mentor] You can watch an interview-style video about iPresence's thoughts on this project and an introduction to the company and solutions.

[Archived video of the results report session] Videos of the results report session can be viewed on the YouTube channel below.

2024/3/8 update
We would like to thank everyone who came to the results presentation despite their busy schedules. If you are interested in the communication tools provided by iPresence, please feel free to contact us.

At the results report session, graphic recordings introducing the speakers were performed in real time, visually entertaining the participants. Click here for a recording of the speakers.