iPresenceLatest News“Metaverse Exhibition: Your Proud Work” is now open to the public! |Avatar school life participation support community

“Metaverse Exhibition: Your Proud Work” is now open to the public! |Avatar school life participation support community

iPresence Co., Ltd. cooperates with the New Media Development AssociationAVATAR robotWe are conducting activities to spread the word.

“Metaverse Exhibition: Your Proud Works” is now open to the public

As part of this, we are operatingAvatar school life participation support community'', we solicited self-made works from elementary, junior high, and high school students from special needs schools, classrooms, and related child support organizations, and exhibited the ``Metaverse Exhibition: Your Proud Works'' to the public. During the application period, 3 works were collected in the 2D, 140D, and text categories, and the Grand Prix, Semi-Grand Prix, and various awards were selected.

This time's work is a valuable product that was born from the unique efforts of special needs schools, special needs classes, and related organizations throughout the school. The work was converted into a digital work using today's digital technology and placed in the metaverse space. This is a never-before-seen exhibition that allows visitors to the Metaverse space to view the works from their own perspective and line of sight.

By all meansTo the Metaverse ExhibitionPlease come and visit us.

*There are precautions to be taken when entering the Metaverse space. Please be sure to check before coming to the Warp Center (1F) of the Metaverse Exhibition.

What is Avatar School Life Participation Support Community?

Avatar (avatar on the Metaverse or telepresence avatar robot)-Teachers, families, and related parties can easily exchange information when using TeleRobo (commonly known as TeleRobo, etc.) for everyday school life (classes, fun activities, events, etc.), illness treatment, support for children returning to school after refusing to go to school, etc. This is an online community where you can talk about any problems you may have. New Media Development Association2022年度J.K.A.It is operated by a subsidized project.