iPresenceLatest NewsAccepting junior high school students during 5's "Try Yaru Week"

Accepting junior high school students during 5's "Try Yaru Week"

Work experience at iPresence Kobe headquarters

During Hyogo Prefecture Try Yaru Week, we accepted two students from Kobe City Mukayo Junior High School and provided them with work experience at the iPresence Kobe headquarters.

Name Reiwa 5th “Try Week*1”
period November 2023th (Monday) ~ November 11th (Friday) 6:10-9:30, 15   
Number of people accepted Kobe City Mukayo Junior High School 2 students
Main activities ・Checking the operation of the metaverse space ・Research and presentation about iPresence business ・Organizing equipment ・Connection test ・Cleaning, etc.

"*1 Try Week- Junior high school students can experience the meaning and joy of working through various experiential activities in the local community, such as workplace experience, welfare experience, labor production activities, etc., and increase their awareness as members of society. Help people find their own way of life.In addition, through the "Try Yaru Week" initiative, we will deepen cooperation between schools, families, and local communities, and by supporting children's character development and social independence throughout society, we will strengthen local communities centered on children. It is hoped that this will develop into the construction of a ”

Implementation details

  • Monday: Sorting out equipment returned from the previous week's demonstration experiment and filling out Yamatobin slips.
  • Tuesday: Researched iPresence's business and created a PowerPoint.Checking the operation of the metaverse space built by iPresence for elementary and junior high school students nationwide (running foot races, obstacle runs, treasure hunts, and hide-and-seek in the metaverse space)
  • Wednesday: Presented about the iPresence business in front of employees (Japanese, Indian, and university interns) (both of us were nervous, but it was a great presentation!), detailed measurements of Telerobot temi
  • Thursday: Connectivity test for school app Telepotalk, help with Try Yaru Week held at the blood donation room in Sannomiya, Kobe (temi mapping, connection test, distribution support, etc.)
  • Friday: Inventory, load test of metaverse space using 16 iPads

As mentioned above, from Monday to Friday, they proactively tackled tasks that were rapidly changing day by day, as is typical of iPresence.On the last day, when I asked them what they wanted to do in their spare time, they said, ``I want to play with robots!!'' So they played around in the hallway of the head office building, trying out Temi's tracking and anti-collision sensor functions.

Work experience in the blood donation room at Hyogo Children's Hospital

In addition, during Hyogo Prefecture Try Yaru Week, students from Kobe City Tomo Support School Minato Branch Classroom (Hyogo Prefectural Children's Hospital In-Hospital Classroom) used the remote support robot "temi" in the blood donation room to provide blood donations to those who came to donate blood. We conducted an interview usingI gained work experience as an interviewer from a remote location and was able to interact with adults that I would not normally be able to interact with.

Thank you everyone for your participation.iPresence will continue to focus on contributing to the local community and developing human resources.