iPresenceLatest News[Representative lecture] August 2023, 8 (Tuesday) BACKSTAGE-SHOWCASE29-/DX conversion of event facilities

[Representative lecture] August 2023, 8 (Tuesday) BACKSTAGE-SHOWCASE29-/DX conversion of event facilities

A hands-on conference for learning and encounters to be held at Toranomon Hills Forum on Tuesday, August 2023, 8"BACKSTAGE ~SHOWCASE 3.0~"ToOur representative Christophers Chris Francis will give a lectureI will let you know.Please see below for details.

Session 2023 years 8 month 29 date (Tuesday)
Sponsorship BACKSTAGE Executive Committee
(Event Resist Co., Ltd., Monthly Event Marketing, Hotscape Co., Ltd.)
Venue Toranomon Hills Forum

105F, Toranomon Hills Mori Tower, 6305-1-23 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 3-5

Lecture content Improving work efficiency by converting event facilities to DX ~Future development of virtual space~
Lecture time Stage B / 13:00~13:45

When planning an event, the first important thing to consider is venue selection.When considering deciding on a venue, it is common to first browse the website.When considering these issues, the DX of the venue that supports meetings is also progressing.We will introduce his idea of ​​making the event industry smarter, focusing on actual examples such as digital previews and AI-based Q&A conducted at the Toranomon Hills Forum.Additionally, as the introduction of virtual tours to conference facilities and event spaces increases, we are planning to hold a panel discussion on the theme of ``Future Development of Virtual Space.'' (Source: BACKSTAGE)

*Experience-based conference “BACKSTAGE” for learning and encounters is a paid event.ticket purchase Click here for more information. (From 10,000 yen)

Please experience the “future of Toranomon and events” proposed by Toranomon Hills Forum.