iPresenceNew arrival information list

New arrival information list

2023/09/25 [Press Release] First time held in Japan!The International Conference on Applied Mathematics (ICIAM2023) hybrid event ended with great success!Telepresence avatar robot temiV3 and digital twin are also popular [Implementation report]
2023/09/23 [Exhibition Information] Wednesday, September 2023th, 9 - Thursday, September 27th, 28 Nikkei Crosstech NEXT Tokyo 2023
2023/09/01 [March 2023] iPresence Monthly News
2023/08/28 [Exhibition information] September 2023, 9 (Sat) Knowledge Capital Open Factory / Osaka
2023/08/17 [Representative lecture] August 2023, 8 (Tuesday) BACKSTAGE-SHOWCASE29-/DX conversion of event facilities
2023/08/09 [Press release] Digital twinning of corporate showrooms | 3D exchange digital showroom "AvatarTwin beta version" released on July 7
2023/08/03 Notice of summer holidays (8/11~8/16)
2023/08/01 [March 2023] iPresence Monthly News
2023/07/11 7/13 (Thursday) Telerobo case study seminar held
2023/07/03 [March 2023] iPresence Monthly News
2023/06/22 Notice of Acquisition of Privacy Mark (P Mark)
2023/06/21 [Exhibition information] July 2023th (Thursday) to 7th (Friday), 6 SuperCity/SmartCity KANSAI 7
2023/06/20 6/22 (Thursday) Automatic guidance robot seminar held
2023/06/01 [March 2023] iPresence Monthly News
2023/05/29 Held on June 6rd!Learning Support Seminar for Hospitalized High School Students|The 23th AVATEC Seminar
2023/05/19 [Blog] School participation of children under medical treatment realized by "Tererobo kubi" ~ Posted a case study!
2023/05/08 [March 2023] iPresence Monthly News
2023/05/01 Notice of Golden Week closure
2023/04/24 [Media publication information | kubi] Published in Leverwell Nursing!
2023/04/03 [March 2023] iPresence Monthly News
2023/03/24 [Exhibition] Exhibition at Orgatec Tokyo 2023 in April 4 | Now accepting reservations for remote control experience and business negotiations!
2023/03/18 [March 2023, 3 Proposal for a new school life] Presentation of the latest use cases of avatar robots at general schools | New Media Development Association
2023/03/07 [Exhibition information] March 2023th and 3th, 14 <HR/Labor DX> HR/Labor System Exhibition |
2023/03/01 [March 2023] iPresence Monthly News
Remote business negotiation image
2023/02/16 [Press Release] "Remote Business Negotiation" provided by iPresence is published in the TOKYO MICE Technology Introduction Guidelines!
2023/02/01 [March 2023] iPresence Monthly News
2023/01/17 Held on 2/11!19th AVATEC Seminar [School refusal and new forms of communication for people with developmental disabilities] Practical use of Telerobo to consider diverse forms of learning -Expanding the possibilities of children who do not attend school and need special support-
2023/01/12 Realizing a cross-reality exhibition that utilizes Metaverse and telepresence avatar robots in a novel way! |Challenge the fusion of real and virtual and a new remote experience!
2023/01/04 [March 2023] iPresence Monthly News
2022/12/01 [March 2022] iPresence Monthly News
2022/11/25 [Mimamorumetelepi] A new app has appeared on the moving phone Telepii!Watch over your children and family!
2022/11/22 Can you go to 078KOBE with Metaverse and robots? !Now accepting applications to participate in the Cross Reality Exhibition Tour!
2022/11/01 [March 2022] iPresence Monthly News
Appeal of Airmeet_Conference
2022/10/31 [Wednesday, September 2022, 11] Airmeet Conference Live Online Demo!Now accepting applications!
temi V3 (white)
2022/10/25 Started handling telepresence avatar robot [temi V3]!
Moving telephone telepi (Telepii) image
2022/10/18 Mobile phone Telepii is certified as a made-in-Fukushima robot [Fukurobo]!
2022/10/12 [Mainichi Shimbun] An article was published on page 2022 of the evening edition on September 9, 24!
2022/10/03 Applications Closed|Thank you for applying for the 2022 Idea Contest “School Life Changed by Telerobo”
2022/10/03 [March 2022] iPresence Monthly News
2022/10/03 MICE cutting-edge technology implementation project at MICE 2022! [AVATAR360]
2022/09/29 [Important] Information on migration from Avatar Robot for Zoom to Telepotalk
AR experience image
2022/09/20 [World Heritage Mt. Hiei Enryakuji Temple] Digital twin video broadcast on 630 from Oumi
2022/09/01 [March 2022] iPresence Monthly News
2022/08/30 [Press Release] iPresence G.K. signed a business alliance agreement with G-One Co., Ltd.!
2022/08/26 October AVATEC Seminar "The world's first schizophrenic Vtuber, 10 years old, high school students and Metaverse that can be used in school education"
Moving telephone telepi (Telepii) image
2022/08/25 [Renewal] The product page for Telepii has been renewed!
2022/08/19 [Exhibition] September 2022 iPresence exhibition information! 【Tokyo Big Site】
2022/08/19 August AVATEC Seminar "Use of heart-warming ICT for children undergoing medical treatment and utilization of VR that leads to increased employment support for those undergoing medical treatment"
Telerobo School Idea Contest
2022/08/09 (Updated 8/31) [Press Release] "School Life Changed by Telerobo" Idea Contest 2022 Held! - Will your unique ideas and telerobo technology change the school of the future? ! ~
iPresence logo
2022/08/08 Notice of Summer Vacation Closure
Telerobo School Idea Contest
2022/08/08 [March 2022] iPresence Monthly News
Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Remote exchange robot x virtual space iPresence Proposal to the exhibition industry
2022/08/02 [Information published in iPresence media] Published in the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun on August 8nd!
2022/07/22 [Exhibition] August 2022 iPresence exhibition information!
2022/07/22 [September 9th application deadline] "School Life Changed by Telerobo" Idea Contest 14!
2022/07/12 [July 7th] Seminar hosted by AVATEC! "Utilization of ICT in education for the sick" "New collaboration created by interaction with avatars in the Metaverse"
Mobile robot "RoBoHoN"
2022/07/11 [Press Release] iPresence G.K. has been registered as a RoboHoN partner ~ Plans to independently develop and provide a remote communication app compatible with RoboHoN! ~
15th Open Seminar held!
2022/06/28 [July 7th] Seminar hosted by AVATEC! "Do people open their hearts to VR avatars?"
Possibility of Metaverse Business Development
2022/06/07 [Seminar presentation information] Kobe Chamber of Commerce and Industry 17th DX Seminar "Possibility of Metaverse Business Development"
Seminar Outline
2022/06/07 [AVATEC Seminar] "A neuroscience approach to physicality in the Avatar Metaverse"
2022/05/26 [Exhibition] August 2022 iPresence exhibition information!
A4Z app
2022/04/15 [Important] Price revision – The license price of Avatar Robot for ZOOM will change from May 5th (Monday).
vFairs Japanese version official website
2022/04/15 [Press Release] vFairs will be available from April 4th!
2022/04/12 [Exhibition] April 2022 at Orgatec Tokyo!
2022/03/08 [Exhibition] August 2022 iPresence exhibition information!
temi V1&V2
2022/03/02 [temi V2] now on sale!The specifications have changed, and the functionality has been upgraded!
Teleport to the town station and Mitaka product hall with a self-propelled telerobo!
2022/02/08 [Press Release] Starting a demonstration project for solving local problems using local 5G, etc. in Hyuga City, Miyazaki Prefecture
2022/02/02 [Kobe Shimbun] An article about Telerobo School was published in the evening paper on February 2022, 2!
Machi no Eki Tomitaka Digital Twin space image
2022/01/19 [Digital twin] Demonstration project for solving regional problems using local XNUMXG, etc. in Miyazaki Prefecture
Training photo using kubi (Instructor remotely connects to kubi)
2022/01/19 [Press Release] Realizing remote training and management with telepresence avatar robots kubi and Double3!
IoT & 5G Solution Exhibition
2022/01/18 [temi] IoT & 5G Solutions Exhibition Information [Japan IT Week Kansai]
Double3, kubi, Telepii
2022/01/18 [Double3/kubi/Telepii] Demonstration project for solving regional problems using local XNUMXG in Miyazaki Prefecture
Airmeet Conference_HP thumbnail
2021/12/07 [December held decision! ] Airmeet Conference Online Demo Application Now Accepting!
Images used by Hyogo Startup Ecosystem
2021/12/01 [Information posted on iPresence media] Hyogo Startup Ecosystem
Telepy briefing session
2021/09/30 Concluded a business partnership agreement for building comfortable local communities using IoT, etc. [Press Release]
Airmeet Conference_HP thumbnail
2021/09/07 [Decided to be held in September and October! ] Airmeet Conference Online Demo Application Now Accepting!
[Medical Frontiers] Presenter: Erika Angyal
2021/08/20 [Double3 media appearance information] NHK WORLD "MEDICAL FRONTIERS"
Moving telephone telepy (Telepii)
2021/08/10 "Moving Phone Telepi" (Telepii) Small telerobo that connects families, general sales start! !
Moving phone telepy (Telepii) call screen image
2021/07/29 Selected as a candidate for the Be Smart KOBE project!
Airmeet Conference event summary page Japanese version image
2021/07/22 [8/11, 8/25 held! ] Online demonstration of Airmeet Conference!
The Future of Telepresence Avatar Robots and Digital Twins
2021/07/19 [8/10 (Tue) 16:30 held! ] Telepresence avatar robots and the future of digital twins
Airmeet Conference_HP thumbnail
2021/07/19 [7/21 (Wednesday) 16:00 held! ] Online demonstration of Airmeet Conference!
Participation image of Telerobo School
2021/07/16 Let's go to school with the teleport app [Telepotalk] and Telerobo!Realize class participation and waigaya with friends! Service starts on September 9st
Tele Robo Office Work_Accepting online interviews
2021/07/12 iPresence starts offering "Tele Robo Office Work"! 【press release】
2021/07/02 [temi], who is on a business trip from iPresence, was published in the Sanin Chuo Shimpo!
moving telephone telepii
2021/06/28 Participating in the Be Smart Kobe project!Thank you for your cooperation in answering the questionnaire!
2021/06/23 iPresence has started offering a new application [Avatar360 with RICOH THETA] and recruiting paid PoC applicants!Telepresence avatar robot temi equipped with RICOH THETA for a 360-degree field of view for remote communication!Immerse yourself in a wide and colorful remote space!
Airmeet Conference event summary page Japanese version image
2021/06/23 The new Airmeet online demo will be held from 6:23 today, 16/00 (Wednesday)!
Airmeet Conference event summary page Japanese version image
2021/06/22 New Airmeet online demo will be held from 6:23 on 16/00 tomorrow!The Japanese version of the online exchange event app “Airmeet Conference” is now available!
2021/06/15 iPresence's temi was featured on NHK News!
2021/06/14 [temi exhibition] Exhibiting at Japan Drone 2021!
Airmeet Conference event summary page Japanese version image
2021/06/10 Online demo of the new Airmeet!The Japanese version of the online exchange event app “Airmeet Conference” is now available! - Significantly updated functions and design -
2021/06/09 iPresence has started offering a service to exhibit at the exhibition with Telerobo! Attracting customers and remote business negotiations are possible with temi and kubi!
Schedule of the day
2021/06/03 [Event Information] We will be on stage at the Japan-Taiwan AI Service Robot Technology Presentation!
2021/06/03 [Media appearance information] temi will appear on NHK Ohayo Nippon!
2021/05/20 A meeting with kubi and Telerobo was introduced in Kirakko Note!
AR experience image
2021/05/07 iPresence turns Hieizan Enryakuji Konponchudo, which is undergoing major renovations, into an AR and digital twin!
2021/04/06 X: Presence's original avatar robot will advance to the semi-finals of the ``ANA AVATAR XPRIZE''!
2021/04/05 On April 4nd, I will be a guest at "Hybrid Conference & Showroom Exchange Future DX"!
2021/03/31 “iTOUR” support votes are open until March 3st today! [Hiroshima D-EGGS PROJECT]