Case Study building


"On-site scanning, which used to take a lot of time and effort
We hope that the management of that data will be smoother. "

  • ArchiTwin

By analyzing the construction of the entire building in detail, converting it to digital data, and creating a 360-degree drawing of the structure of the building on a browser, it will be useful for future repair work and reconstruction work in the event of a disaster.
In addition, after grasping the actual situation on the PC, it is possible to conduct experiments such as simulations and operation changes in the digital world, and feed back the results to the real world.
In addition, by sharing drawings in advance, installing telerobots on site, and making it possible to look around while being remotely controlled, it will be possible to perform appropriate management and supervision of work sites even from a distance.

  • Service used:
  • Matterport scan