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moving telephone telepii

"Whether you're away from home or using telepy,
Being able to have meals together helps us get along as a family. "

moving telephone telepii

iPresence's first self-produced small telepresence avatar robot "Moving Phone Telepy" debuted with Makuake's crowdfunding as a [remote call desktop robot that connects families living apart].
Developed for those who have important people who live far away due to the effects of corona and work.If you put a mobile telephone telepy that can look around 360 degrees left and right on the dining table, you can follow the child running around the house on your own initiative while looking around the surroundings. While looking at the face, you can enjoy remote communication as if you were there.The impression of "just a person on the screen" in the conventional video chat can be shared even with the space by becoming a mobile telephone telepy.
Set up telepies at relatives' homes such as important partners, children, elderly parents, siblings, cousins, etc., and say, "Let's eat together today." sea ​​bream.