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iPresenceMedical / nursing careICU (intensive care unit)

ICU (intensive care unit)

"At the same time as connecting the separated families due to the corona wreck,
By conveying how the nurses care hard,
Your family will feel safe and secure. "

  • ICU (intensive care unit)
  • ICU (intensive care unit)
  • ICU (intensive care unit)
  • ICU (intensive care unit)

Telerobo kubi is used in the ICU (intensive care unit) to conduct remote visits between corona patients and their families.Due to infection prevention measures, it is not possible to meet face-to-face in the hospital room.Among them, we provided special care that allows hospitalized patients and their families to interact with kubi. "By connecting separated families, and by showing them how nurses are doing their best to care for them, it also has the effect of giving families a sense of security," he said.

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