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<a href="#introduction">Exmaples</a> Yayoshien
Presentation (Future Exchange DX)

In April 2021, a hybrid event “Future of Exchange DX” was held to embody a new exchange event in with Corona.
Planned and provided by Happoen, one of the four major wedding halls in Tokyo.
At the venue, while Softbank Robotics' autonomous mobile food service robot "Servi" moved around, a panel discussion and other performances were held at tables and spaces that incorporated social distancing into their design.The event was streamed online as well as for those who gathered at the offline venue.
During the panel discussion this time, temi was used as content for participants to see how it can be used and to have an image of the future.
Connect the computer on the host's desk to the temi in the room where the food is being prepared, move around the room while watching the situation, and have the staff in charge inform the venue of the situation and have the food delivered to the venue. I went to the actual site to give instructions.
The iPresence staff provided technical support for trouble-free temi utilization during this live event, and representative Christophers took the stage as a panelist along with SoftBank Robotics Chief Business Officer Dai Sakata.

  • Telerobo used:
  • temi