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iPresence“Up to the introduction of kubi & Double 3” Interview with iPresence sales representative [WOWOW Communications Co., Ltd.]

“Up to the introduction of kubi & Double 3” Interview with iPresence sales representative [WOWOW Communications Co., Ltd.]

Press release dated January 2022, 1Street,WOWOW Communications Co., Ltd.IsteleroboIntroduced
it was done.An interview with the iPresence sales representative about the situation and feelings from the inquiry to the introduction.
We hope that you can feel a part of the steps to introduce Telerobo.

Training photo using kubi (Instructor remotely connects to kubi)

Training photo using kubi (Instructor remotely connects to kubi)

XNUMX. Please tell us how you decided to introduce Telerobo.
WOWOW Communications has four bases in Japan: Yokohama headquarters, Sapporo, Osaka, and Okinawa.
As a BCP measure, one operation may be handled by multiple locations, and we are working to ensure that the quality of response at each location is uniform and high.
was emphasized.
Therefore, I wondered if it would be possible to share and deploy the individual excellent skills possessed by the contact center managers at each base throughout the company.
It seems that you were thinking.

In addition, the contact center manager went to work and worked as standard even during the corona crisis.
1.Is it possible to do remote administrator work in telework (at home)?
2.Is it possible for one administrator to manage multiple sites by using Telerobo?
Telerobo was introduced to consider telecommuting for administrators and new usage methods.

XNUMX. Which telerobo did you decide to use?
Check out the full lineup of self-propelled and desktop models we offer, and have employees actually operate the equipment.
Self-propelled type (Double3) and desktop type (kubi *1 unit at each base) will be introduced.

Contact center support with Double3

Contact center support with Double3

XNUMX. How was the reaction of the other party after you introduced it?
It seems that you received a very good evaluation in the training use.
By placing the kubi on the seats of the training group, the lecturer used to walk around the group listening.
They were able to hear the discussion clearly and were able to give more specific feedback.
The lecturer moves his face up, down, left, and right from inside the kubi to look at the speaker's eyes while talking, so that the participants can be seen by the lecturer.
I also heard that a sense of tension and awareness that I was being listened to was born.

XNUMX. Were there any issues you felt during the introduction and points for improvement in the future?Or you can also use it in this case!If you have any flashes such as
please tell me.
As for self-propelled robots, it takes longer (compared to humans) to get to someone who has raised their hand.
Compared to humans, it is still not perfect in terms of time and accuracy to reach the place you want to go.
I think that the communication environment and robot performance will improve with the spread of 5G in the future.
We recommend teleporting back and forth between telepresence avatar robots.
As Metaverses become more popular in the future, there are proposals for using Telerobo as a link between digital space and real space.

XNUMX. How do you feel now after completing the demonstration experiment?
Office, home, satellite office, metaverse...
I feel that we have entered an era in which workers choose the most suitable workplace according to their own work and circumstances.
Under such circumstances, each company is worried about how to "align eye contact" and "share a sense of warmth" within the team.
We will consult with you every day.

WOWOW Communications first received an inquiry in early 2021.What a year ago!
I think that it is an advanced company that started hybrid work ahead of other companies.
The person in charge said, "With Telerobo in front of you, the usage methods will expand, and it is important to have a mindset on the side of the user about how to utilize it."
He also said.
Telerobo will continue to be used in various situations within the company, and it will become a tool that allows employees to work comfortably and efficiently.
I would be happy if I could contribute to the development of the company.