iPresenceiTOUR®︎ at OSAKA Hikari Renaissance 2019! Take a walk with temi and kubi! [Osaka City, Osaka Institute of Technology, iPresence]

iTOUR®︎ at OSAKA Hikari Renaissance 2019! Take a walk with temi and kubi! [Osaka City, Osaka Institute of Technology, iPresence]

OSAKA Hikari no Renaissance is an illumination event that is held every December in Nakanoshima in front of Osaka City Hall and near Nakanoshima Park. Many people from inside and outside the prefecture visit as a winter tradition of Osaka along with Luminarie in Kobe and Hanatouro in Arashiyama. To do.
You can enjoy the projection mapping of the Osaka City Central Public Hall, the illumination facade in front of the Osaka City Hall, the lanterns that are a cultural exchange program with Tainan that will be held for the third consecutive year, and the illumination of the Nakanoshima Rose Garden. The number of visitors is increasing as the scale of the event expands year by year.

The number of visitors to the OSAKA Hikari Renaissance was about 2016 million in 226, about 2017 million in 273, and about 2018 million in 333, and is expected to have an economic ripple effect. increase.However, when the original OSAKA Hikari Renaissance started 17 years ago, it seems that it mainly exhibited the works of young artists.
For this reason, the literary revival was named Renaissance.

The Nakanoshima area has historical buildings and a long history, such as the Osaka City Central Public Hall, the Bank of Japan Osaka Branch, and the Osaka Prefectural Nakanoshima Library. There are also many cultural facilities such as hotels, international conference halls, and art museums, and is filled with beautiful scenery. area.
In particular, the Osaka City Central Public Hall, which is also a venue for projection mapping, one of the highlights of the OSAKA Hikari Renaissance, was completed in 1918 as a meeting facility suitable for public gatherings and a base for civic culture. In 2018, the museum celebrated its 100th anniversary.

Kingo Tatsuno and Yasushi Kataoka, who are known as the architects of Tokyo Station for its elegant architecture that incorporates the Neo-Renaissance style, performed the detailed design.
Yasushi Kataoka was an architect who was active in Osaka during the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa periods.

Nakanoshima was the center of Osaka's economy as the "kitchen of the world," where the storehouses of various domains were concentrated in the Edo period, and goods from all over the country were gathered. there is.

With iPresence's iTour®︎, people who cannot go out due to circumstances such as being hospitalized, overseas, living in a nursing home, etc. can experience the scenery as if they were watching the scene in real time. You can

This time, as a remote guide, I was able to connect the medical field and the OSAKA Hikari Renaissance. I could feel it.
Whether it is in a sick bed or in good health, the desire to have an enjoyable experience is the same.

"I can't go outside, but I want to enjoy the atmosphere outside," said the patient.
The patient's family said, "My family can't go out, but I want to enjoy this scene with this person."
"I'm always in the same place with the same scenery, so I want to change my mood," said the medical staff.
“We want to use technology to provide an experience that transcends distance,” said the students of Osaka Institute of Technology and the staff of iPresence.

Through this iTour®︎, I was able to personally feel the thoughts of various people to the fullest.
We hope to continue to provide an even more comfortable teleportation experience through the evolution of technology.More than anything else, I would be very happy if this iTour®︎ remains in the hearts of the participants as a memory.

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