iPresencetemi is very active!Behind the scenes of the iTOUR at the 100th anniversary event of the Ritsumeikan University Alumni Association

temi is very active!Behind the scenes of the iTOUR at the 100th anniversary event of the Ritsumeikan University Alumni Association

Hello. I'm Fujinaga, and I'm in charge of sales, marketing, and management planning for iPresence.
This time, as I wrote in the title, I would like to write a little about the circumstances and the site about the implementation of the telepresence robot utilization service iTOUR at the 100th anniversary event of the Ritsumeikan University Alumni Association.
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http://【iTOUR】立命館大学校友会100周年 ミライEXPO(アバターロボットtemiで海外と京都国際会館会場をつないだ遠隔テレポーテーション体験)【iPresence】 – YouTube

It all started when I attended a local Ritsumeikan University alumni association event a few months before the 100th anniversary event.I graduated from Ritsumeikan University's Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology, Faculty of Science and Technology. I was reading the alumni newsletter "Ritsumei," which is sent to graduates four times a year. I participated as a private because the meeting was held.By the way, I participated a year ago, and this was my second participation.I had the opportunity to talk with a member of the Alumni and Parents Section of the General Affairs Department, who was in charge of planning the 4th anniversary event. EXPO,” an event venue will be prepared, and we were asked if we could use Temi to create a sense of the future.

At a later date, we asked the people in charge to come to the development office in Grand Front Osaka to see the actual Temi, and proceeded with planning how best to use it.In the conversation, requests to realize "cutting-edge initiatives", "providing a special experience for alumni (alumni) overseas", and "producing a sense of the future" came to the fore. As a company, we were very excited to make this a reality.
We prepared XNUMX Temi, but it was the first time for our company to use this number at the same time for an event, so it was quite a challenge.For visitors from overseas, we were able to use a chat app to schedule access times and guide users to download the iTOUR application without any problems.However, to be honest, it was quite difficult to secure a stable connection in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, China, and Malaysia, and to adjust the time due to the time difference.

At the site on the day of the event, we will set up the robot, attend to alumni visiting from overseas by remote concierge according to their interests, and explain to those who are interested in the robot when visitors see it. , I will continue to turn my head to complete the mission of providing the highest level of satisfaction in all directions in a situation that requires ad-libs.I believe that we were able to provide a very good service thanks to the cooperation of Ritsumeikan University students and the teamwork of our staff.Team communication on a regular basis is especially important during this time.

In addition, we had visitors enjoy taking photos with Temi using the AI ​​function, and we were able to successfully realize a dynamic production while making last-minute adjustments, such as using a projector to project the photos on the walls of the venue. .

After the removal was completed, the team had a toast and enjoyed the successful completion and the joy of the implementation.It is an honor to witness the opportunity to expand new possibilities for communication tools.
Last but not least, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the person in charge of the Ritsumeikan University General Affairs Department Alumni/Parents Section and all those involved for their cooperation in this valuable opportunity.

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