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iPresenceInterview with Mr. Hirozora Kurebayashi, a mobile phone telepy user!Unique utilization and customization method ・Possibility hidden in telepy?

Interview with Mr. Hirozora Kurebayashi, a mobile phone telepy user!Unique utilization and customization method ・Possibility hidden in telepy?

Manufactured and sold by iPresence"Moving Telephone Telepii"We asked multi-creator Haruka Kurebayashi, who is a regular user of the Telepy, to introduce how the Telepy is used and how it is decorated.

In this article, we will explore the appeal of telepy from her unique perspective as an influencer, including solutions created in everyday life and events, and the hidden possibilities of telepy.

Haruka Kurebayashi is an influencer who is active as a singer, model, and multi-creator.Based in Harajuku, they continue to be influential in various media such as blogs, SNS, and music distribution.

If you want to know more about Haruka Kurebayashi, please visit the official page.

Please tell us your honest impression when you received the telepy

I thought it was really cute.Especially colors and shapes.
When I got to know Telepy in the summer of 2022, the first thing I saw was black, then the white.My first impression was that it would be easy to customize because it is so simple.
Quote:Kurebayashi Sky Official Twitter

When I talk directly with Chris, it's cute if you look at him!I had a blast.

Tell me about a time when you used telepy in a conversation with your family

When I received my first telepy and learned how to use it, I found it easy to operate.

  • ル プ リ の イ ン ン ス ト ル ル
  • user registration
  • friend request

these 3 steps.
With this, I thought my grandparents would be able to operate it right away.I sent a gift code on the spot and had them register.

Just then my grandparents weren't looking, so my sister registered.I showed my grandmother, who is not a smartphone user, a scene where the telepy screen was moving.
I thought you wouldn't understand, but you surprisingly quickly understood that it was a videophone, and you also understood that I was operating and moving it!

I wonder if even the elderly were able to adapt quickly because they weren't robots.
My grandmother showed me through the screen the photos she took on her smartphone.
Since my face fills the screen, it feels like I'm having a face-to-face conversation with myself.
The screen is a little wide-angle, so I was able to have a conversation with my grandparents side by side.very cute.

If you flip the smartphone from the default in-camera and set it to the out-camera, you can see the scenery below.So I could see my 1-year-old child, and my sister showed me the baby on the in-camera.
After all, the good thing about telepy is that you can keep your hands free and keep it far away, so you can concentrate on the screen.
At my grandparents' house, we leave the telepy on all the time, so if we can pick up the incoming call on the spot, we can connect fairly smoothly.I was a little surprised that my grandparents used it normally.

What was the reaction of those who saw Telepy for the first time?

We were able to convey not only the fun of decorating, but also the fun of using that function.
The first one I made was decorated with hair and eyelashes.
To make it easier to understand, it is the mark where the smartphone is placed in the center of the telepy.Originally, there were thin vertical lines, but I stuck some threads on them to make them stand out.
Then I think it would be easier for the elderly to understand which side is the front.

Grandson Telepy (No. 1) left my hands so that he could stay with my grandparents as my alter ego.
Then she seemed to like it, loved it like a doll, and placed it on her desk.Thanks to that, I've been connected for a long time.
It's fun not only to connect but also as a decoration!
Custom telepies have eyes and mouths, and (the decorations) are different for each individual.

Crepy-chan (No. 2) who was in my place
My mouth was crooked, and I had a “lack of motivation” part-time job.A high school girl who doesn't want to work part-time (laughs)

When customers come to the gallery, and when I'm not there, or on days when I'm not there, the staff will connect the customers with crepeies.Crepee called me on my smartphone, and I responded when I could.
There are a lot of girls who are fashionable, so if you operate the left and right, it looks like "This girl is wearing XX colors, and this girl is wearing a new one."
The other side is also surprised, saying, "That's how it works."

It's not just the way it looks, but it's also able to move on its own.
I get responses like, "What is it?" and "Are you making this kind of robot?"
Actually, it's sold in plain black and white, but when I explained that I'm customizing it and keeping it under the care of the store, they got a lot of interest.

"I can do it from home normally!"
There were some funny things like "Is it possible that it's a house?!"
I thought it was great that people who normally wouldn't get to telepy could see and experience how it actually works.

I was also in the nave at the flea market.I said I'm going to buy some food, put crepeies on the cushion and had them hold me.An old lady passing by looked in and said, "What's this? What's on the screen?"

Each reaction was interesting.

Tell me about the last time you dyed your hair

When I went to get my hair dyed, I put the telepie in front of the mirror at the beauty salon and asked my grandmother what color I wanted.
Grandma: “Brown or calm colors are good.”
  Me: "Brown, OK, I get it!"
Turn off the telepy, 6 hours later...
The result is a color that looks like brown on top of a rainbow base.
After finishing, connect the telepy,

I said, "As I said, it's a calm color-based rainbow!"

grandma look left and right

"Where is it!?"

Grandma was so cute.
The hairdresser was surprised that it could be used outside, and the grandmother was happy to see the finished product in one day.

It seems that I was happy to see the inside of the salon.It's a flashy hair salon, so I don't go there.It's changed.
"Wow, there's a mirror ball!"

I think it was great to hear opinions from different age groups and different categories.

Decoration telepy design concept

I think that telepies are especially suitable for families living far away, so I want to make cute telepies for my grandparents first and send them to them.Next, I wanted to make a cute telepee for myself to receive.
I think it would be nice to design something for someone, so I continue to customize things like this for gifts for people who don't have a face but are glaring and simple is not enough, or for personal items that bring out a strong personality. .
This blue telepy is a color that came about by chance, but I really like it.It's cute on its own, but I'm planning on making it look like an Easter egg!

It's simple, but I was particular about painting in layers, so it was quite difficult.Masking and dyeing evenly to the groove.
(Firmly masking)
(Appearance of painting)
(Beautifully painted in detail)

I would like to create a crepeie (alter-ego telepy) and have it stand in a shop and have it move, and have people look at it and have fun with its operation.That is the design concept.

What are you planning to do with Telepy?

The idea for the next step is to line up about 6 telepies in the gallery, set smartphones on each, and play preview videos.

Since the telepy receives the blinking signal, the signal that was moved in the screen recording is recorded as it is, and I learned that it will move when it is played, so why don't you make a video with the movement and have them move in loop playback? I don't know.And I'm thinking of taking the form of a spot sale.
That's the culmination of discovering the possibilities of this telepy, so I'm trying to make it happen!

I use it as a communication tool, so normal use is enough, but as an extra use, I had a desire to have him work instead of me, so I thought I'd give it a try.

So I think it would be an interesting gimmick to have it move automatically when playing videos, receive URL sites with NFC tags, and receive my voice data and speak from my smartphone.
I actually tried it myself to see how far the NFC tag works.

Send a New Year's card to a friend, put an NFC tag in the character sticker, and when the mystery of the letters is solved, a message will pop up saying "Hold up your smartphone."

In fact, none of my friends have solved it!sad (laughs)

It may be difficult because you are solving a mystery with hieroglyphs.We conducted an NFC demonstration experiment that mysterious documents will be delivered from the New Year!
I want people to feel "I'm here" by embedding NFC in the telepy's forehead or belly and holding it up.

If you take one extra step, you'll feel like you've done it, so instead of just coming and seeing it, there's one step to have people experience it. It's an idea.

Have you always been interested in robots?

I've always liked technology, and I even went to Atami to see the latest robot pets about a month before I got my hands on a telepy.

So I am genuinely happy to be able to interact with robotics company iPresence.

I was attracted to telepy because it was a new thing, a communication tool.
(iPresence)another big robotTelepy is a communication tool that connects people in everyday life, and I personally feel that it has potential.

The problem is that it is difficult for anyone other than those who really like robots to get information to access them (telepies).However, I think it would be convenient if there was such a thing, so I think it would be great if those people could get to know telepy.

Could you tell us about your thoughts and possibilities for telepy?

Telepy is one of the easiest robots I've come across, and with the familiar tool of a smartphone, it makes you feel like you're actually a pilot.I thought it would be a bit eccentric, a robot that would be unique among robots.

It is attractive that even elderly people can directly feel the joy of being able to operate the device through the screen.I want to tell everyone about the fun part.
Especially for those who live far away from their families, it is attractive that they can be easily connected at any time after downloading the first app and registering as friends, and there is no need to connect anything to the mobile phone (wireless). .

It has a wide angle of view, so even if two grandparents are standing side by side or a child is behind (telepy), you can switch the screen (inside camera and out camera). I think that it is very easy to operate and convenient.

Cute anyway!I think that a desktop robot that is worthy of cuddling would be a perfect fit for the current lifestyle.
As for what to expect from Telepy in the future, I can't ask for more!It's simple and easy to use, and you can move your opponent's telepy yourself.At that point, it is a product with high satisfaction as a user.

In the nitty-gritty part,

  • if there were more colors
  • If you have cat ears
  • It would be cool if there was a limited version

I don't think so.I think that the function is enough!

It's interesting to be able to move your smartphone with just the left and right (arrow buttons)!I was happy that grandpa and grandma could operate it by themselves.
I would like to continue to expand the possibilities of telepy in my own way and enjoy customizing it so that it becomes my alter-ego robot.