iPresenceEvolution and Value of Telecommunications

Evolution and Value of Telecommunications

This time, I will post about the evolution and value of telecommunications, which continues to evolve day by day.

-Evolution of Telecommunications-

TelecommunicationsExchanging and transmitting voice and information over long distances] and generally refers to communication over the phone.
To convey information about yourself and all kinds of information to people you want to conveyover time, variousCommunications technology emergesWas.

As a means of communication, it is said that the “code” that often appears when talking about ancient Egypt is said to be the beginning.
With the development of roads in all cities, the development of all civilizations, and the practical use of paper,Conveyance of information by letteris now possible.

Seen on TV such as period dramas and animeBeacons, drums, homing pigeons, semaphore signalsis a type of telecommunication.

In the early 1800sinvention of the telegraphAndInvented by Morse codeAs a result, the telegraph (telegraph) service began, and in the late 1800sTelephone invented and commercializedBy beingInformation transmission and exchange accelerated, changing to more dense communicationWas.

In the late 1900smobile phone appeared, the Internet has spread worldwide due to the trend of telecommunications liberalization.You can also exchange emailsAndDiversification of communication methodsdoing.

Can share audio now"Telephone" "Two-way video" "Document and screen sharing" "Groupware"Such,All communication technologies spread with innovation,further"robot"And so onCan [exist] as well as [communicate] to remote areasSolutions are starting to spread.

-The Value of Telecommunications-

With the evolution of telecommunications, whether you live next door, outside the prefecture, or outside the country,Regardless of the distance, the accuracy of conveying and delivering information reliably and quickly to the person you want to convey or meet is extremely high.became.

While living, people encounter situations where they have to communicate more or less.Communicatethat means someoneTo prove that you are alive to someone important to youcan also be

AndWherever you areto your loved ones”proof of being alive"Canis [Even if it's a distance] Because it became possible to communicate.

Also, by communicatingNew relationships, mutual understanding, thoughts and actions are bornThere is a possibility.

Value Created by TelecommunicationsWhat is thisconnection with all people"or"create“You could say it is.

When I hear your voice, I can feel someone important to me.”Security"
You can only know by watching the video.”Minor changes in facial expressions or emotions"
It can be given only because there is a robot.”Presence and realism as if you were there"

Value Brought About by Telecommunicationsteeth"Unlimited“is”irreplaceable property“That is why we will continue toTelecommunications will become more important, the quality offered will continue to rise.

In addition to face-to-face communication,Familiarize yourself with the diversity of telecommunicationsAnd the number of choices in living in the future will increase,The world will become easier to live inI don't think so.

So this timeEvolution and Value of TelecommunicationsI sent you about.

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