iPresenceWhat is TaaS (Teleportation as a Service) provided by iPresence?

What is TaaS (Teleportation as a Service) provided by iPresence?

-What is TaaS (Teleportation as a Service)-

Taking the initials of Teleportation as a Service,”TaaS"is.

Originallytelepresence avatar robotIt is,Runs on dedicated apps supported by each manufacturerTo do.Therefore, if you want to teleport between telerobots from different manufacturers and remotely control them, you need to launch each dedicated application and access each time.

For example, if you want to access the self-propelled telerobo for guidance from the desk telerobo installed for reception when a customer visits, you can remotely control it with the desktop telerobo app and then start the self-propelled telerobo app. It will be a flow of remote control.
In this case, it takes time to launch each application, and it takes a lot of time and effort to remember that the operation method of the application is different.

Save this hassle,Control telepresence avatar robots from completely different manufacturers from the same appon top ofRegister multiple robots,while teleporting,Can be operated remotely from the screenmade itTelepresence robotics platform,Teleportation as a Service Platformnamed iPresence announced.

A platform that can be used from anywhere in the world regardless of manufacturerWhen,Permanently available network even after hardware updatesAs such, TaaS is the foundation for the development of iPresence.

Utilize TaaSWith thatTeleport between multiple Telerobowhile accessing sightseeing spots,You can enjoy local information gathering, remote shopping, remote communication, and remote control at your own will.It will be.

teleport image

teleport image

We are also using it to build new communication systems and data collection systems that make infrastructure that links robotics and digital twins a part of smart cities.

Telerobo in the real worldA digital twin representing the virtual world, with themLinked apps and servicesall together,Provided as a TaaS PlatformBy doingTroubleshooting,Able to experiment with a view to the futureBelieving that, we are developing in various fields so that we can expand further in the future.

iPresence has been making things while proposing services to customers to help them with new attempts with an eye on the future, such as what can be done with Telerobo, how to solve problems, and what can be done with TaaS that I sent this time. .We will continue to do our best to contribute to Japanese culture and regional revitalization projects in order to create an even better society without changing our fundamentals.
So this time I sent you about TaaS (Teleportation as a Service) provided by iPresence!