iPresenceiPresence has won the semi-Grand Prix for the second year in a row! [Knowledge Innovation Award]

iPresence has won the semi-Grand Prix for the second year in a row! [Knowledge Innovation Award]

I'm late to report, but the Knowledge Innovation Awards held last week
Received second prize for XNUMX years in a row!This is the XNUMXth year of the innovation event, and every year there are several stages of judging, and the final presentation judging decides the grand prize, etc., but it is the first time to receive the award for the second consecutive year, which is a great achievement!

This time, we received a consultation from a nursing care facility, and with the cooperation of Kobe City, we launched CARE-JIRO, a self-driving telepresence robot that operates at night based on the concept of "Teleportation as a Servoce". It is a project that has been helped by so many people from the conception and development stages.

Personally, this year is the Grand Prix!That's what I thought, so it's frustrating about XNUMX%, and iPresence hasn't moved forward since last year. . .I asked myself a little, but the head of the judge, former University of Tokyo professor Yoichiro Kawaguchi, a world-famous artist, praised me later, saying that it was interesting, and Mr. Endo, an adviser to Kadokawa ASCII, and former Google Japan president. Mr. Norio Murakami also gave me many positive stories, so I hope to look forward and do my best again.

However, I think that the simple and clear idea of ​​Mr. Otowa Denki, who won the Grand Prix, is really wonderful, and to be honest, when I saw the members who were nominated this time, I thought it might be bad, so I'm honestly happy with this result. . . .

At the end, some commented that something was missing, but I think that that little bit of something actually makes a big difference in the end result.

In terms of sports, in baseball or soccer, the result can change greatly depending on whether you can throw a half ball or more on a more risqué shot or course. . .

This time, I have some clarity about what that something is in me.However, I wonder if the next year's game will be whether we can bring it to reality. . .

However, such an event is just a process of pursuing whether we can create a service that will ultimately please our customers, and in that sense, it is a solution that is still far from solving the problem at the site.

The challenge of iPresence will continue to expand this year, but we would like to thank everyone for their continued support.