iPresenceQuite a big mistake, but semi-grand prix. . . [Knowledge Innovation Award]

Quite a big mistake, but semi-grand prix. . . [Knowledge Innovation Award]

Wednesday was the final presentation of the Innovation Award sponsored by Grand Front Osaka and Knowledge Capital!

The iTour, which I applied for through iPresence, was also selected for the final selection (for the past two years, the second selection was not made)!…/winning.php

So, the live presentation is only 4 minutes.
We recklessly spent those 4 minutes in an extremely ambitious and risky configuration that included a presentation and a live demo (teleporting between 3 robots and being guided over there)!

. . .However, the result was a disaster. . .
Only 1 minute left when finally connected!

After hurriedly teleporting to 3 bases, 4 minutes ended (sweat)
I forced myself to show iTour's screen sharing and shopping functions, but I couldn't show the future development and possibilities of this platform in the second half of the presentation I had worked out until 4:XNUMX in the morning the night before (´Д`)

I prepared with a lot of people for the demonstration, and many people came to the venue to see it. . .I was depressed for a long time (u_u)

. . .However, the final result was a semi-grand prix!
Actually, most of the other presentations were so busy with my own preparations that I couldn't see them, but it seems that the only ones who actually did a live demo were us and the cutting-edge shaved ice that won the Grand Prix, and that was also impressive. Mr. Yoichiro Kawaguchi, the head of the judges, later gave a generous comment, saying, "That mute joke was interesting." I was really happy that you understood the future potential and what we were trying to do without my presentation! ! ! (The times are moving in this direction, after all.)

This project is the result of the cooperation of so many people, so I am grateful to all of them! ! !