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iPresence“Remote production control and work training at manufacturing plants with Double3” Interview with iPresence sales representative [Koumei Rikagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd.]

“Remote production control and work training at manufacturing plants with Double3” Interview with iPresence sales representative [Koumei Rikagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd.]

Case studies published in case studiesStreet,Komyo Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.of TeleroboDual3was introduced.
We interviewed the iPresence sales representative about the process from inquiry to introduction and issues unique to factory management.
We hope that you can feel a part of the steps to introduce Telerobo.

Komyo Rikagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd. Case Study

Komyo Rikagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd. Case Study

XNUMX. Please tell us how you decided to introduce Telerobo.
The visits to factories (Headquarters: Kanagawa, Factory: Fukushima) for patrol and training, which used to be conducted XNUMX-XNUMX times a month, became difficult due to the corona crisis.
At the same time, a rather strong earthquake occurred in the Aizu region where the factory is located.
I searched for "a tool that allows you to quickly observe the state of the factory from the head office" and found Tele Robo and iPresence.
I was selected because of the speed of iPresence's response and the good impression.

3. Please tell us how long it took to introduce Telerobo and why you chose DoubleXNUMX in the end.
At the meeting, we will explain the features and functions of each telerobo, saving the factory staff time and effort.
Self-propelled Telerobo (temi, Double3).
When comparing temi and Double3 in the remote control experience, the person in charge chose Double3 because of the ease of operation.
It seemed almost instant.

The big decision is "operability" and "stature that matches the line of sight".
After that, we received a very smooth response, and it was introduced in about a month.

XNUMX. What are the issues and points you emphasized that are unique to factory management when introducing the system?
There are many remote factory management tools in the world, but I think the most representative and simple one is the surveillance camera.
However, factory staff often feel stressed by the environment being monitored, and many managers worry about management methods.
Therefore, when introducing Double3,Telerobo concept(for communication, not for monitoring purposes)
I think you have explained it well.
In addition, in order not to make the factory staff uncomfortable, we inform them of the purpose, time, etc. in advance when connecting, and keep the camera behind except when connecting.
I feel that the maximum consideration led to a smooth operation.

This is not limited to factory management, but if Telerobo is introduced without the understanding of those around it, the site will be confused, and as a result, it may not be used.
In order to avoid this, the steady and polite support of the person in charge is important.
I am grateful to Komyo Rikagaku for its excellent response in this regard.

XNUMX. It may be used in such cases as changes in the factory after introduction and in the future!Please let me know if there are any.
As a positive change, by being able to communicate naturally as an alter ego of the remote operator,
I think that everyone can feel the real thrill of Telerobo.
It was a good example of how we were able to replace the visits that originally took five hours by car from the head office to the factory with Double5.
The hurdles to visit the factory have been lowered, and Double3 can solve problems such as lack of communication and remote work confirmation caused by the corona disaster.
I have solved it for you.

In the future, it is expected to be used for factory tours and internal audits.
We believe that this is an interesting method of inspection that can be appealed not only to our employees but also to customers who are using or considering our products.
Since Telerobo is a communication tool, the situations and possibilities of its use are endless!

*In the February 2022 issue of Factory Management, a special article was published on the theme of "Remote factory patrols and worker support using telepresence avatar robots" and the process leading up to its practical application. Magazine PDFClick here to download