iPresenceCompare and explain the usability of Double and temi based on operability and functionality!

Compare and explain the usability of Double and temi based on operability and functionality!

"Double3" and "temi" are telepresence avatar robots (hereafter referred to as telerobo) that enable automatic driving, independent operation, and realistic remote communication.
stylishDual3, cutetemiAs you can see, there are differences in appearance, but you may be interested in the differences in usability and functions.
In this article, I compared Double3 and temi in terms of operational feeling and advantages when actually using it.It will be the selection criteria when introducing it, so please refer to it.

What is a telepresence avatar robot (Tele Robo)?・・・Robot that combines video conference + robot + remote control technology

Difference in operation feeling between Double3 and temi

Double3 operation screen

Double3 operation screen

Double3 and temi are similar in operation method, but there is a difference in operation feeling.
My impression of both machines is that the Double3 has good response in short-distance movement, and the temi is convenient for movement in large spaces.

Difference in operation feeling on the subjective screen

temi operation screen

temi operation screen

On the subjective screens of Double3 and temi, you can move and steer with the four-way controller and screen clicks, but there is a feature of the operation feeling.
The slim-body Double 3 moves quickly and moves lightly.On the other hand, you may feel a slight time lag when starting to move the heavy temi, but there is no screen blur and it feels stable.

Difference in movement method

The movement of Double3 has "Click to Drive" to move by clicking the automatically recognized ground dot.Since it avoids obstacles with a distance sensor and runs, it can be operated happily even if you are not used to it.

Double3 "Click to Drive"

Double3 "Click to Drive"

temi is convenient for automatic movement that selects the recognized floor map and follow mode that recognizes and follows people.You can get to your destination with just one click, even in large spaces.

temi follow mode

temi follow mode

Compare Double3 and temi's outstanding features

Double3 and temi, I will introduce the excellent features of each.

Double3 great features

Double3 allows up to five people to share the same screen and enjoy conversations (Multi Viewer), display websites that can be operated by the other party, and play videos by screen sharing.
It also has the advantage of expanding the range of communication, such as displaying typing on the screen whose height is adjusted according to the line of sight of the other party.
You can view the zoom from a wide angle with a PTZ camera, and if you want to keep more detailed screen information, you can save JPEG with "camera shooting".

This article explains it in detail.

Excellent features of temi

You can use temi's automatic movement and advanced operation functions in "temi center".
A bird's-eye view map of the floor can be created with the distance sensor, and it can be automatically moved to any place with a single click.If you register the location, you can also go around (patrol function) without any operation.
You can also program and register temi's movements and responses with "sequence", which can be used for automatic guidance and customer service.

Also explained in this article.

A detailed explanation of the sequence can be found here.

Double3?Or temi?Recommendations for each scene

Based on the features of Double3 and temi, we will introduce the models that are easy to use, using the scene you are using as an example.

A manager who emphasizes communication!



Double3 is the one that enables deep and sophisticated communication within the company and is particularly effective in on-site management.
If it is not a large space, you can easily move around with click to drive, and you can make realistic video calls that match the other person's line of sight.
It can be said that the performance of information transmission is high because you can share the screen of the video and share the web with QR code and URL.

I want to make an impact with advanced design

Double3 will impress visitors with its revolutionary design, in which a screen with a face on it moves around freely on a wheel-type mobile base.
There is no doubt that it will become a topic of discussion such as "How does it stand on its own?" and "How to operate it?"

I want to use it not only in my company but also for customer service



In addition to internal use, temi is recommended if you want to use it for customer support as well.
If you register temi's movements and comments in temi center, you can also respond automatically. If you enter temi, you can also guide in follow mode, so even if you are not familiar with the operation, you can provide a remote experience.

I want to use it in noisy places such as events

A temi with a large microphone speaker output is useful for events where a large number of people gather.
If the surrounding sounds are too loud and you can't hear the conversation, Telerobo can't do much.
In addition, temi has a low center of gravity and a sense of stability, so you can reduce the risk of equipment damage due to falls.

[Summary] Both are easy to use!You can choose any design you like!

Left: temi/Right: Double3

Left: temi/Right: Double3

Double3 and temi are slightly different in operation, but it doesn't take long to get used to them.If you can use the main functions of both machines, you can feel the ease and convenience of using them.
The time has already come when we can move freely between the real world, Telerobo, and virtual space, and now that robots are becoming more and more indispensable to society and our lives, how about introducing them?
If you are unsure between Double3 and temi, you can choose according to your design preference.If you don't know how to use it, the iPresence staff who handle a wide range of models such as Double3, temi, and ohmni will support you.

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