iPresenceInterview about the implementation background of “Remote visit tour from Chiba prefecture hospital to Bando Kobe Youth Science Museum!”

Interview about the implementation background of “Remote visit tour from Chiba prefecture hospital to Bando Kobe Youth Science Museum!”

In January 2022, children admitted to the Department of Pediatrics at Chiba University Hospital visited the Bando Kobe Youth Science Museum in Kobe using Telerobo temi.
We will interview the iPresence sales representative about that time and send you an article summarizing it.
Check out the videos on our blog below.

Chiba University-Science Museum Tour

Chiba University-Science Museum Tour

XNUMX. What made you realize this tour?

It was made possible by an introduction from the certified NPO Millefeuille Pediatric Cancer Frontiers in Chiba Prefecture.
Millefeuille supports children with cancer, mainly in Chiba Prefecture.
At our company, Telerobo School Life Participation Service (, and I thought it would be great if I could help children who are undergoing medical treatment have the opportunity to participate in society using Telerobo, like this time.
In 2020, the Bando Kobe Youth Science Museum has already conducted a remote visit tour of the science museum from the adjacent Hyogo Prefectural Children's Hospital.
As an organization, you have a positive attitude towards remote tours, and you have kindly agreed to this remote tour.
XNUMX. How many participants were there?
Six children participated, ranging from a cute baby walking toddle to elementary school children.

XNUMX. How long did the preparation period take?
We first started talking about it in the fall of last year.
Specific preparations began at the beginning of the year, and a week before the actual event, we held meetings and connection tests all at once before the day of the event.

XNUMX. Is the content of the tour original planned by the science museum for the participants?
Yes, it is.
Even if you say "science" in one word, the scope of understanding differs depending on the age of the target audience.
Neither too easy nor too difficult for the target audience.
The science museum asked us to come up with something that would be interesting to the participating children.
Even so, the participants ranged from babies to upper elementary school students, so it may have been difficult for the science communicators.

In order to get people interested, we asked the hospital to prepare familiar "eggs" and "wheelchairs" for the actual performance.

XNUMX. Personally, I was very impressed with the arch experiment, and I couldn't help but admire it.Is there anything that left an impression on you during the tour?
The Arch experiment was fun!
I was also impressed by the reaction of the children at the hospital when I was conducting an egg experiment.
On the day of the event, we asked the hospital to prepare real eggs (and a bowl to serve as a saucer in case of breakage...) and had the children actually try to see if the eggs would break. The reactions such as "It's scary! Gyahaha~" and "I can't crack it" are very cute and have a sense of realism, which left an impression on me.

Even if you hold the egg tightly and apply a lot of force from the outside, it will not crack.
But chicks have sharp beaks so they can crack open their shells and come out!When I heard the science communicator's commentary, I thought that life is a mystery, and that science exists in many familiar places.
*This time, the science museum, which is researching remote tours, prepared a microphone for the explanation so that the content of the lecture could be conveyed properly, so I could hear the explanation quite clearly. (Adults also listened intently.)

XNUMX. Which scene had the best reaction from the participants?
・Reaction when telerobo temi was moved in the hospital before the tour started,
・Reaction when I tried by myself whether the above egg can be cracked,
・At the end of the tour, the reaction when moving the tele robot temi in the science museum and looking at the place you want to see
Is it one of the three?
The reaction when you yourself were participating in the "place" was the most lively.

XNUMX. Do you have any thoughts after finishing this tour?
After the tour, Mr. Inoue of Mille-feuille said, "When I talk to grown-up children, they remember not the painful treatment, but the fun events during the hospital stay."
I hope that the enthusiasm for science that everyone at the science museum has reached to the children, and I hope that even adults will remember this day. 

XNUMX. We have also produced a short video that summarizes the contents of the tour, so we hope that many people will be able to see it.So, please give us a final word.
There are still issues such as content planning and communication environment maintenance, but I would like as many people as possible to experience remote tours using Telerobo.
Schools, special support schools, hospitals, and others who are interested, please feel free to contact us!