iPresenceIntroducing temi's optional parts [temi Flag]

Introducing temi's optional parts [temi Flag]

This time, we will introduce temi's optional parts [temi Flag].
The temi Flag is an optional promotional part that attaches to the rear tray of temi and is made using high quality materials.

Installation image of temi Flag

When using temi in tourist spots, commercial facilities with many people, or company guidance, simply setting up this flag will attract customers and create opportunities to encourage interaction with temi. 

Let's optimize for sightseeing and facility information by increasing the attention of temi!

Sales promotion image with temi Flag

Make temi more noticeable with the temi promotional flag add-on. 
Ideal for crowded places and businesses, the flag attracts customers and hints them to interact with temi. 
Easily connects to the temi's tray Made with high quality materials Does include promotional sticker.