iPresenceIntroducing temi's optional parts [temi Box]

Introducing temi's optional parts [temi Box]

From now on, although it is irregular, I would like to introduce the usage and features of the telepresence avatar robot handled by iPresence, as well as optional parts that can be used as an extra, on the blog.

This time, we will talk about the optional parts [temi Box] that can be used when using temi!
temi is an AI-equipped self-propelled telerobo that can run with a light object on the tray on the back.

temi rear tray

If you make the most of this feature, you can do contactless delivery work with temi! 
You can put it on the back tray as it is, or if you attach a transparent tray called temi box, you can transport it in a more hygienic and stable state, so it can be used in a wide range of situations. 

Installation image of temi Box

As you can see, it can be used in all kinds of business situations, such as serving food at cafes and restaurants, shopping at retail stores, providing medicine, and delivering in the office.

Utilization image of temi Box

In addition, this temi box uses an ergonomic see-through material, so you can smoothly insert and remove items while checking the inside.

Please contact us for details ^^

Let your temi preform contactless deliveries with the temi box add-on.
A modular box for temi. Ergonomic, sea-through material. 
Easily connects to temi's tray and upgrades temi's delivery abilities. 
Can be used for in office deliveries, restaurants, coffee, retail shopping, medication and more.