iPresence[temi x creator TOCHKA] 3 ways to use temi to make your art exhibition (museum) a success / Searching for the Little Prince ~Experiential art exhibition to enjoy with AR~

[temi x creator TOCHKA] 3 ways to use temi to make your art exhibition (museum) a success / Searching for the Little Prince ~Experiential art exhibition to enjoy with AR~

The art exhibition "Searching for the Little Prince - An experiential art exhibition to enjoy with AR" was held at the Higashiosaka Civic Art Center from July 2023st to September 7rd, 21.This exhibition, created by the artist unit TOCHKA (hereinafter referred to as TOCHKA), is based on a novel by Saint-Exupéry.An art exhibition set in "The Little Prince" where you can experience the epic journey that the Little Prince has experienced so far using AR (augmented display) technology and temi..

When visitors pass through the entrance, they are greeted by Temi, a telepresence avatar robot (hereinafter referred to as TeleRobo), which the Little Prince* has teleported to.As a storyteller who tells the story of the journey of the Little Prince, similar to the story in the novel, he also guides visitors through the venue and explains how to use the AR experience that is an exhibition device. He also worked as a navigator.
*The Little Prince on the screen is an original made by pillbox.


This is the third time this is an art exhibition themed around ``The Little Prince.''We spoke to Mr. Kazue Monno (hereinafter referred to as Mr. Monno) of the pillbox manufacturer, who said that he has adopted the telerobo temi since the first exhibition, and with each successive event, he has been able to make better use of the temi's functions and utilize them in his exhibitions. We would like to introduce the three points of introducing temi that led to the success of the exhibition.

The challenge of introducing telepresence avatar robots into exhibitions

Monno: “As a creator, I try to imagine what the future will be like in 10 years and incorporate that world into the expression of my work.I have an image of robots helping us in society, so I decided to take on the challenge of introducing robots (tele robots) into the exhibition.When I started production, I also wanted to travel for myself during the coronavirus pandemic, so I wanted to create a work that would make children feel like they had traveled to outer space in an extraordinary space. The production was decided because we wanted to express the world of The Little Prince. ”

Support from iPresence personnelThird continued usedeciding factor

Mr. Monno: ``When I first started, I researched various robots online, but when I had the opportunity to actually see them at iPresence's robot exhibit, I was able to see and confirm them with my own eyes. That was the point of introducing it.When I saw Temi as a robot that communicates with visitors, I felt that it was a good choice.As we were amateurs when it came to robot knowledge,The reason why we chose temi for the art exhibition again was because the staff at iPresence provided us with solid support before and after the "


TOCHKA/Monno's 3 ways to use temi to make your art exhibition a success

XNUMX.To ensure that all visitors can enjoy the exhibition,Explanation on how to use the exhibition equipment by temi (AR)

Monno: ``Actually, experiential art requires high hurdles for the participants, and the awareness of participating is important.We use temi to help with that.''

At the venue, by scanning the QR code near exhibits related to The Little Prince's journey, you can experience the world of The Little Prince through AR art.

We created a system that allows participants to use their smartphones or tablet PCs to read QR codes from their cameras and experience AR art on Instagram.This can be a huge psychological hurdle for some people, as they are experiencing technology they don't normally use.ThereforeA character on temi will demonstrate how to use a terminal to make AR of each exhibit appear, how to do it and what to keep in mind..We designed it so that everyone can have the same experience.

We also offer a service where devices can be lent out at the reception so that even people who do not have a smartphone or tablet PC or who do not have the Instagram app installed can enjoy the event.By scanning the QR code near the exhibits related to The Little Prince's journey, you can further experience the world of The Little Prince through AR art.


2 A character who has been possessed by temi will guide you through the route, giving you an experience of “being with them” 

At the venue, exhibit numbers are assigned so that you can experience the past journeys of the Little Prince in the order they appear in the story.but,Inside the venue, the Little Prince, who possessed Temi, acted as a navigator, moving through each exhibit in order.This way, you won't have to worry about getting lost within the exhibition hall.What's more, the view of the world is seamless from one exhibit to the next, making participants feel like they are traveling with the Little Prince.


3 temi tells a story near the exhibitsBy doing so, you can further immerse yourself in the world view.

We have created an environment where anyone can enjoy the art exhibition venue, including explanations on how to try out AR technology and guidance systems.The creator's commitment also shines through when it comes to enjoying the main exhibits even more.In this exhibition where you walk through each exhibit, there are no explanatory labels filled with text on each work.Instead,The Little Prince avatar teleported to temi reads out the story related to the exhibition.He will do it for you.Temi will be useful as a device that allows you to experience the story and increase the sense of immersion.


When we tried introducing TeleRobo, the atmosphere of the exhibition hall completely changed!In a space with movement

Mr. Monno: ``Generally speaking, when we think of an exhibition, we tend to imagine a tense and quiet scene where exhibits are lined up and people stand quietly to admire them.By introducing temi, the atmosphere of the exhibition hall suddenly became more dynamic.temiV3 was constantly moving around the venue and making voices,Elicit participants' emotions and reactions on the spot.I feel like the children's values ​​(about robots) have changed, as they chase Temi and cheer. ”

Using technology can be difficult until it becomes difficult, but if you learn about it and overcome the obstacles, you will find a more enjoyable world, he said, expressing his thoughts for children. It was Monno.

Monno-san, thank you for your time for the interview!


■TOCHKA Profile A Kyoto-based artist unit composed of Takeshi Nagata (Associate Professor at Osaka Electro-Communication University) and Kazue Monno. In 1998, he started his activities as "Tochika". Since 2005, he has been creating animation using a method called ``PiKAPiKA,'' which combines long-exposure photography and stop-motion animation to create animation by drawing lines in the air using lights.In recent years, he has also been conducting research on how viewers interact with images through the development of experimental interactive videos.

■Art Exhibition "Searching for the Little Prince - An experiential art exhibition to enjoy with AR" [Date] July 2023, 7 (Friday) - September 21, 9 (Sunday) [Venue] Higashiosaka Civic Art Center No. 3, 1, 2 exhibition rooms, special rooms, 3st floor permanent space [Organizer] Higashiosaka Civic Art Center (designated manager Higashiosaka Hanazono Revitalization Management Community HOS Co., Ltd.) [Cooperation] iPresence LLC, Osaka Electro-Communication University, Tohoku University of Art and Design Aihara Laboratory, halken LLP, KUSUNOKI WORKS, Higashiosaka City Hanazono Library

■Higashiosaka Civic Art Center [Official website]

■About The Little Prince: The main character, a pilot, makes an emergency landing in the Sahara Desert due to a malfunction in his aircraft.There, he meets a prince with wheat-colored hair, ``The Little Prince.''The story of their meeting and parting, where the prince begins to tell the protagonist about the events of his journey so far.