iPresenceOn-site lecture | Lecture to stimulate the spirit of inquiry into cutting-edge technology [2.Digital Twin Edition]! Oita Prefectural Information Science High School

On-site lecture | Lecture to stimulate the spirit of inquiry into cutting-edge technology [2.Digital Twin Edition]! Oita Prefectural Information Science High School

On November 2023, 11, Fujinaga from iPresence gave a lecture to students at Oita Prefectural Information Science High School about iPresence's initiatives and the use of advanced technologies such as telepresence avatar robots. Last time, as an introduction, we had them experience a telerobot, and after getting to know what telerobots can do, the second half was the "digital twin edition."We would like to introduce the content of the on-site lecture that touched on the possibilities of telerobots and digital twins.Click here for the previous article >>

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Learn about, experience, and interact with digital twins

What is a digital twin?

Fujinaga: Next, let's have you look at what a digital twin is. A digital twin is both a virtual space and a 3D real space.

Fujinaga: This is an example of a combination of digital twin and telerobot at a local product store in Hyuga City, Miyazaki Prefecture. This is an initiative where you can view the store's products on a virtual digital twin, while also accessing the actual store, which has a robot, and shopping there. By the way, local governments have budgets for advanced initiatives and are implementing such initiatives. In the real world, it is important to plan where to raise money and what to achieve. Next, we will also introduce a more detailed digital twin scanned with a dedicated camera (Matterport).

Fujinaga: This is a factory in Nishiwaki City, Hyogo Prefecture, and we scanned it because we wanted people to be able to see it from a distance as well as a regular factory tour. Digital twins will also be used at art sales events hosted by department stores that rent out hotel floors. Even after the exhibition period ends, it is used to introduce products to department store customers. (Projecting a digital twin from a private painting sale) This is a painting that costs tens of millions of yen. What people value and what they pay for is a deep topic.

Let's experience the digital twin! Experience the digital twin space used in various industries!

Fujinaga: Everyone was very interested in digital twins. Next, let's actually enter the space. Read this QR code with your current device. Have you seen the Matterport Discover website? Try entering a space that interests you.

Teachers and students reading QR codes on their own devices

Avatar operation in a space (Avatar Twin) that is a combination of digital twin and metaverse

Fujinaga: Next, let's have them enter a space (Avatar Twin) that is a combination of a digital twin and a metaverse. Please read the QR code in the same way. This is for the first 16 people. This is the hall of Tokyo Big Sight, and it is a three-dimensional version of the real space. People who enter the space are aware of their own position and the movements of others. Each person can interact in real time as an avatar. There are already technologies that combine real space and virtual space in this way.

Students experience interacting with each other using avatars in a digital twin space.

Fujinaga:If there are students in the metaverse who don't listen to what you say, force them to gather together.You can do this. It is also important for the host to restrict some of the freedom of participants in making full use of the Metaverse.This is the point.

Collaboration and future prospects of digital twin and robots

Real-time display of a moving robot in digital twin space

Fujinaga:We will introduce what we are doing by combining digital twins and robots. One is to display the robot's position in real time on the digital twin map. The reason why this is necessary is because when the number of robots increases by the dozens at companies and schools in the future, I want to visualize them so that I don't lose track of their locations. We are also developing a fluffy robot like this. By linking with people's body movements, you can not only talk but also shake hands and hug.

We also offer remote communication where the other person fills a large screen. It's called "telepresence." Therefore, the robot we are working with is called a "telepresence avatar robot."

Introducing ChatGPT, a technology that can be used in robots in the future

Fujinaga:Are you using ChatGPT? I heard that the students at this school will soon be able to use it as well. For those who haven't used it much yet, here are some tips on how to use it. For example, if you enter "My lessons at school aren't interesting. What should I do?" it will give you answers ranging from straightforward answers to innovative ideas.

Students: (lol)

Fujinaga: One thing I can say about ChatGPT is that we are better than most working people! I have been working in the working world for quite some time, and when I use ChatGPT, I can clearly see how smart it is. It can even be resolved in many situations. Best of all, you don't have to worry about what other people think, so it's easier to ask questions about work. In my practical example, I used it to clarify targeting in order to create a presentation for our company's product ``Moving Telephone.'' If you enter prerequisites such as product overview and marketing strategy into ChatGPT and ask questions, it will give you specific suggestions. After several exchanges, we were able to derive the added value of telephony. It became one of my deliverables because it presented latent needs that I had not yet been able to clarify. By the way, the great thing about telephony is that you can compactly fulfill the people you want to be there and the people you want to be there. Also, I thought ChatGPT would revolutionize translation, so I would like to introduce it. The smartphone app ChatGPT allows you to have conversations. Now, let's try the translation function by speaking.

Fujinaga: Please say what you are about to say in English. I am currently giving a lecture to high school students, and I would be happy if I could provide them with new discoveries.

(a little silence)

chatGPT: “I am currently lecturing to high school students, and I would be happy if I could provide new discoveries.”

Fujinaga: What do you think? If you understand English, you should know that this is correct (lol). It supports multiple languages ​​including English and Japanese, and can understand the context and translate fluently. The translation function supports GPT-4's multilingual processing ability, so it demonstrates high translation performance that sets it apart from other translation apps. It's okay if you're not good at English. Everyone, let's go abroad while we are young! (lol)

Idea discussion about what kind of things we would like to try using telerobots

Fujinaga: Now it's time for discussion. Let's do group work on the possibilities of telerobo!

The students began group work based on what they had learned so far, and they also visited each table remotely using a telerobot.

How to share ideas by writing them down on post-it notes

[Example of ideas for utilizing telerobots presented by students]

  • There are no transportation costs for interviews at companies in Tokyo.
  • Don't get lost and be late
  • There is more human warmth than on PC Zoom
  • Even people who find it difficult to ask questions would be able to do so easily if they were robots.
  • A trial can be carried out safely while keeping a villain in prison.
  • As a mobile cradle
  • Visiting overseas museums
  • Introduction to lost child centers at theme parks and shopping centers
  • Return lost children to their parents using a robot that can carry up to 50 kg

Fujinaga:The students came up with many examples and interesting ideas. More than normal ZoomFeeling the warmth is a positive opinion in my opinion. Easier than regular video callsThe real appeal of TeleRobo is that it allows for interactive (two-way) remote communication.I think.

Fujinaga: Lastly, I would like to send a message to all the students.I am satisfied with my life. For now, let's get serious about it! A spirit of challengeBe your driving force and move people.Thank you for today.

Pupils' survey results published

Students were asked to complete a survey at the end of class. Here's an example.

Question XNUMX Please tell us in as much detail as possible about what you found interesting in the lecture (techniques and uses) and why, including your own thoughts and ideas.

  • I think it's nice that you can feel the warmth of the tablet attached to Temi moving up and down.
  • What I found interesting was that after taking a photo, I was able to see a virtual photo of a castle, house, or other place that no one can enter.
  • I would like to use a robot to carry luggage for elderly people.
  • I could easily talk to people far away, and I could hear their voices so well that it felt like I was close to them.
  • I thought it would be useful when you want to closely observe or scout places that are too dangerous for humans to enter.
  • I thought it was very interesting that even people who were not there could feel as if they were there.
  •  I thought it was amazing how you could memorize the layout of a room and avoid bumping into things in just a short amount of time, and it was interesting.
  •  It was fun and felt like a childhood dream had come true.
  • It seems like you can enjoy traveling through the robot without actually going to the place.
  •  I thought it was great that the robot Temi was used so that students could participate in classes even from their hospital rooms. I thought everyone would recognize me even if I wasn't there, so I wouldn't feel lonely.

Question XNUMX: If you were given the telepresence avatar robot Temi that you used this time as a gift and were allowed to use it freely, what would you use it for?

  • I would like to connect and talk with people who cannot come to school.
  • I would like to have them carry my luggage or take classes from home.
  • When I don't want to go to school, I want to take a cram school from my room as if I were a private tutor.
  • I would like to use it when I have exchanges with other schools because I don't have to go all the way.
  • This will allow you to attend classes even if you are infected with coronavirus or influenza. I would also like someone to bring me food or someone to talk to.
  • Since you can move freely, you can set it up overseas and go sightseeing while listening to explanations of the scenery and places.
  • I would like to put it at my grandfather's or grandmother's house and use it when making calls, etc.

Question XNUMX: How could this lecture be useful for your future?

  • I didn't want to give up on using temi to participate in various activities if I couldn't move.
  • When I heard Temi's story, I was surprised to find out that times have evolved more than I thought.
  • I believe that various businesses can be created by combining various technologies, so I was able to acquire the creativity to come up with such ideas.
  • It made me realize the possibility that robots like temi will naturally coexist in society in the future.
  • I thought it was amazing how it could move to a designated location and avoid obstacles if there were any.
  • My horizons expanded greatly when I learned that robots can perform avatar-like functions.
  • I think that by using robots, people with physical disabilities or those who cannot go to school will be able to enjoy coming to school. I thought it would be useful to help people understand their inconveniences.
  • I started thinking that I wanted to help people by coming up with ideas that would be useful to society and by making those ideas come true.
  • Being able to see cutting-edge technology that I don't come into contact with in my daily life broadened my horizons. It made me realize that there are many interesting technologies being developed around the world, even though I didn't know about them.
  • I was able to see how far AI was progressing, and my interest in it deepened, so when I was choosing a career path, I became interested in jobs related to AI. When choosing a career path, I became interested in work related to AI.
  • I would like to take advantage of this lecture when I get a job in the future and have a situation where I need to use robots.

In addition to question XNUMX, if you have any comments, please let us know (supporting messages are OK)

  • I thought it was a very useful robot and the possibilities were endless.
  • I would be happy if you would come to Information Science again if you want to learn something new! Please do your best, I'm rooting for you!
  • It was amazing to see them doing things that we haven't really experienced yet, such as teaching with robots.
  • Please do your best for further development!
  • I was able to have a valuable experience by guiding Temi around the school with people I was video calling from afar. thank you very much.
  • I'm rooting for you as a student who actually experienced this class!
  • It was a fun class with a futuristic feel.
  • In the future, society may coexist with useful robots like Temi, so I'm really glad I was able to have this valuable experience first.
  • I am looking forward to being able to use the technology I experienced in the future.

at the end

Even students who do not know about telerobots or digital twins can interact with remote-controlled robots, experience digital twins, interact with other participants, and interact with the technology called chatGPT to have discussions. Naturally, a lively discussion ensued. iPresence will continue to actively give lectures/lectures at schools, companies, and organizations. Click here for the previous article >>

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