iPresenceOn-site lecture | Lecture to stimulate the spirit of inquiry into advanced technology [1. Telerobot experience edition]!Oita Prefectural Information Science High School

On-site lecture | Lecture to stimulate the spirit of inquiry into advanced technology [1. Telerobot experience edition]!Oita Prefectural Information Science High School

We held a lecture on the use of telerobot temi (23/11/14)

On November 2023, 11, Fujinaga from iPresence gave a lecture to students at Oita Prefectural Information Science High School about iPresence's initiatives and the use of cutting-edge technologies such as telepresence avatar robots.We heard from the students how excited they were to experience cutting-edge technology, ideas for its use in the future, and happy words such as ``I had a valuable experience.''This time, as the introductory part of the lecture, "Telerobot Experience Edition",I would like to introduce the contents of a lecture I gave to students who did not know about telerobots.

Company/Instructor Profile

iPresence Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in cutting-edge technology such as robotics, and is headquartered in Kobe. We started our business in 2014, so we have about 10 years of experience as a company specializing in telepresence robots.weWe conduct research and development and provide products and services based on the concept of "Share the Experience" - how experiences can be shared remotely.We are working to empower (revitalize) relationships between people using various cutting-edge technologies (AI, robots, metaverse, digital twins, etc.).We aim to be the number one teleport communication company in the industry by making full use of teleport technology.


Lecture content for high school students [1. Telerobot experience]

Description of telerobot

Fujinaga: The telepresence avatar robot (hereinafter referred to as telerobot) in this classroom is Temi, which is manufactured by an overseas manufacturer.

Telerobot temi in the middle of the classroom

Fujinaga: Just by running temi in the classroom, a map of the actual classroom will be created in about 5 minutes.Then, just by saving the map, you can automatically head to that location by clicking on a location that you have registered in advance.Sensors detected obstacles and arrived smoothly.

Classroom map saved on temicenter, which manages temi

Fujinaga: By looking at the map, you can see the location and status of temi's movement in real time.This approach, which incorporates correspondence between real space and digital space, is called "digital twin."Please remember this as trivia.

Video call demonstration

Fujinaga: Above all, Telerobot can make video calls, so let's try it out.From my PC, I will connect to Temi in the classroom and have a video call.

Students in the classroom as seen from the built-in camera of telerobot temi

Fujinaga: Temi moves wherever she wants and looks up or down.What I'm trying to say is that by controlling the robot remotely, the robot has become my alter ego.

Demonstration of being able to teleport to a telerobot in a remote location

Fujinaga: To confirm that Telerobot is our alter ego, let's try connecting to iPresence headquarters (Kobe City).Next, let's connect it to another telerobot Double3.

View of the Kobe office from the telerobot (Double3) operation screen and Double3 built-in camera

Fujinaga: We connected to our office in Kobe City in real time. On the Double3's operation screen, white Braille is displayed on the driveable floor along with images of the site.When we click there, the robot will move to that location.Let's talk to the development members at work.

Fujinaga: Mr. Haga.Please explain the appeal of robots to high school students in Oita Prefecture.
Haga: Understood.

Real-time video from the Double3 built-in camera at the iPresence Kobe headquarters (left) and real-time video from the smartphone Mr. Haga is holding (right)

Fujinaga: Double3 has a feature called a satellite camera, which allows you to simultaneously capture images of how the Double3 you've transferred to someone in a remote location looks through their smartphone camera.Another important point is that you can easily connect the images from your smartphone camera by reading the QR code on the Double3 with your smartphone.

Experience operating a telerobot in a remote location

Fujinaga: Well, let's have the first person to operate the telerobot.

Students who operate Double3 by pressing the touch panel or cross key on the Double3 management screen


Fujinaga: The height of the head part of the Double 3 that has the monitor and camera attached can be adjusted, but lowering the head position will stabilize remote control.Please try it.

Demonstrating that a person in a remote location can teleport to a telerobot right in front of them.

Fujinaga: Now, let's have you enter the temi in the classroom from the Kobe iPresence side.This time, Mr. Maruyama, who is in charge of business development, will be operating it.Mr. Maruyama, could you please explain TeleRobo to the students?
Maruyama: Understood.

Maruyama remotely controls temi in the classroom, moving it forward and flipping it around as he explains about the telerobot.The image from his own computer's built-in camera is displayed on temi's monitor.

Fujinaga: Is there anyone who has any questions for Mr. Maruyama?Please feel free to ask Mr. Maruyama who teleports to TeleRobo.I would like you to experience a future where remote communication using robots will become commonplace even in Oita Prefecture.

Experience interactive (two-way) communication with a person teleported to a telerobot

Maruyama politely answers questions from students and teachers

[Questions from students and teachers]
"How much angle of view can you zoom in?"
"Can you drive without crashing without looking down?"
"I can hear your voice clearly here, but what about that?"

We received many questions from students, teachers, and everyone involved.Mr. Maruyama in Kobe felt as if he were there, and I think Mr. Maruyama also felt as if his students were right in front of him.In this way, telerobots are capable of interactive remote communication.

Learn examples of how temi is used in society

Fujinaga: Well, there is a video of how iPresence has used temi so far, so let's take a look at it together.

A scene in which a pre-recorded message video from the principal is played on temij.In addition to interactive interactions, pre-recorded videos can also be played.

Fujinaga: What did you think of the message from the principal?There are many different ways schools can use this.

at the end

It was impressive to see students who did not know about telerobots gradually becoming more interested in the class.We will introduce the content of this lecture in multiple parts.Next time, we will introduce a lecture on digital twins, so please look forward to it!
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