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2023/07/28 AVATAR-LEARN- Avatar utilization creation cram school | Supporting value creation using Telerobo!
2023/07/28 Telerobo Double3 Remote Wedding Participation|Friends Participate in Weddings Remotely!Newly available for rent from XNUMX day! [~T-sama's wedding~]
2023/05/17 Telerobo temi Factory example | Zensei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. | Factory tour guide!Succeeded in significantly reducing the operating time of the staff by reading explanations and displaying images while moving automatically!
2023/05/16 Telerobo kubi use case | School participation of children under medical treatment realized by "Telerobo kubi"!What are the XNUMX benefits of introduction?
2023/04/09 Information on telepresence avatar robot [rental service]
2023/03/24 [Hybrid Event] vFairs Use Case|The 7th UNWTO Gastronomy Tourism World Forum|Interview with the organizer!
2023/02/28 Interview with Mr. Hirozora Kurebayashi, a mobile phone telepy user!Unique utilization and customization method ・Possibility hidden in telepy?
2023/02/02 Overview of hybrid events (advantages and disadvantages) and the future
2023/02/02 PoC example for introducing Double3 to factory management
2023/01/10 What solutions does iPresence provide for MICE activities?It is possible to host and support multifaceted events with robotics and DX technology
2022/12/25 Interview with iPresence who participated in "ANA Avatar XPRIZE" | Ask about future prospects based on what was obtained and challenges
2022/10/27 Interview with the person in charge of service development What is "Tele Robo School Participation Service"? │Provide independent participation in school life by connecting the hospital room and the classroom
2022/10/06 [Voices of mobile phone Telepii users] Corona treatment & Mt. Fuji climbing "Indispensable existence"
Telepresence avatar robot Ohmni Source: Ohmnilabs
2022/09/16 5 videos of telerobo "Ohmni" [with commentary] Introduction along with iPresence introduction examples
Komyo Rikagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd. using Double3
2022/09/13 Introducing the introduction case of telerobo "Double3"│Case of "Komei Rikagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd." which is used in the manufacturing factory
2022/09/08 Business overview of iPresence, an advanced remote communication company utilizing avatar robots and telepresence robots
Appeal of Airmeet_Conference
2022/08/31 [Wednesday, September 2022, 9] Airmeet Conference Live Online Demo!Now accepting applications!
Telerobo for remote control experience (from left, temi, Double3)
2022/08/22 Compare and explain the usability of Double and temi based on operability and functionality!
2022/08/17 Thorough explanation of the operation method and operation screen of Double3!From basic to application
Appeal of Airmeet_Conference
2022/08/09 [Wednesday, September 2022, 8] Airmeet Conference Live Online Demo!Now accepting applications!
Telerobo for remote control experience (from left, temi, Double3)
2022/08/09 Telepresence avatar robots temi and Double3 [remote control experience] now accepting applications!
2022/08/09 Differences between telerobo remote communication and zoom meetings -Sequel: Avatar Robot for Zoom-
temi V2
2022/08/04 Explain how to operate temi and the operation screen!Comfortable once you get used to it!
2022/08/02 Difference between telerobo remote communication and zoom meeting
What is TaaS
2022/07/26 What is TaaS (Teleportation as a Service) provided by iPresence?
Evolution and Value of Telecommunications
2022/07/21 Evolution and Value of Telecommunications
2022/07/15 How iPresence started handling telepresence avatar robots
What is Telerobo?
2022/07/04 What is a telepresence avatar robot? Introducing all telerobots handled by iPresence
iPresence logo
2022/06/20 iPresence's Corporate Philosophy and the Meaning Behind It
iPresence logo
2022/06/20 The origin and meaning of the “iPresence” company name and logo, and the thoughts behind them
vFairs Japanese version official website
2022/06/10 A thorough explanation of the global online event platform Airmeet vFairs!
13th Open Seminar (AVATEC-XNUMX)
2022/05/26 Very popular! Open seminar hosted by AVATEC in June!
Alternate Attendance Solution
2022/05/26 What is the Alternate Attendance Solution?High-class telework that improves employee satisfaction and productivity!
Orgatec Tokyo venue 3D walkthrough
2022/05/19 Solution [Digital Twin] system combined with Telerobo!3D walkthrough of Orgatec Tokyo venue released!
From the left, temi, Double3, temi
2022/05/17 Exhibit at "Orgatec Tokyo 2022", an office furniture exhibition!It was a great success, drawing attention to how to use Telerobo in the office!Nikkei newspaper coverage!
2022/04/28 iPresence Challenge to XPRIZE! !Chapter XNUMX "Apply to the global competition for avatar robot development! 』
2022/03/31 What is Exverse?Immersive interactive solutions for various spaces, both physical and cyber - iPresence × AVC
Telepii AR completed!
2022/03/18 AR image of [moving phone telepi (Telepii)] is ready!
Chiba University-Science Museum Tour
2022/03/07 Interview about the implementation background of “Remote visit tour from Chiba prefecture hospital to Bando Kobe Youth Science Museum!”
Factory management February 2022 issue
2022/02/10 Interview with the author about the article published in “Factory Management February 2022”
Komyo Rikagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd. Case Study
2022/01/31 “Remote production control and work training at manufacturing plants with Double3” Interview with iPresence sales representative [Koumei Rikagaku Kogyo Co., Ltd.]
Training photo using kubi (Instructor remotely connects to kubi)
2022/01/24 “Up to the introduction of kubi & Double 3” Interview with iPresence sales representative [WOWOW Communications Co., Ltd.]
2021/03/25 Exhibiting at [Osaka MICE Safety Promotion EXPO 2021]!
2021/03/24 Use Case of temi: Shopping
2021/03/19 Introducing temi's optional parts [temi Flag]
2021/03/18 Introducing temi's optional parts [temi Box]
2021/02/26 [Telerobo School] Comprehensive exhibition of medical and nursing care is over! Thank you for visiting the iPresence booth!
2021/01/26 Remote control experience event of moving telephone telepy has started! [Travel Telepy Week@FabCafe Kyoto]
2021/01/22 A commentary and example article of temi was posted on the social welfare corporation Mizuumi's website!
2020/12/02 From 12/1 to 12/5, FabCafe Kyoto is holding an event where you can experience remote communication with [moving phone telepy, temi, kubi, and Double]!
2020/10/15 [Telerobo School] 2020/10/14-16 Exhibiting at the 3rd Medical and Nursing Care Comprehensive Exhibition in Tokyo! You can also experience temi, kubi, and Keigan!
2020/08/28 [I felt the diversity of temi] What happened during a junior high school student's one-day work experience!
2020/05/25 temi is very active!Behind the scenes of the iTOUR at the 100th anniversary event of the Ritsumeikan University Alumni Association
2020/05/02 "Participating in Remote Classes Using Teleportation Avatar Robots – Possibilities of Telerobo Education" | 078KOBE Panel Discussion
2020/02/07 iTOUR®︎ at OSAKA Hikari Renaissance 2019! Take a walk with temi and kubi! [Osaka City, Osaka Institute of Technology, iPresence]
2019/12/05 An experience event using telepresence avatar robots such as temi and kubi was held at Kobe Municipal Koyo Elementary School!
2019/03/30 iPresence has won the semi-Grand Prix for the second year in a row! [Knowledge Innovation Award]
2019/02/09 The response I felt when exhibiting iPresence's proprietary [CARE-JIRO] at CARETEX 2019.
2019/01/10 Connect JAPAN HOUSE LONDON and the Embassy of Japan in the UK with iTOUR®︎ on iPresence!
2018/04/11 [Development blog – iTOUR] Decorating video with Swift and Sora [iPresence]
2018/03/31 [Development blog – iTOUR] Easy WebRTC using Nodejs [iPresence]
2018/03/29 Quite a big mistake, but semi-grand prix. . . [Knowledge Innovation Award]
2017/07/27 29 Kobe Nursing Care/Rehabilitation Robot Practical Development Subsidy Program Adopted!
2016/10/25 Participate in the Hokuriku Technology Exchange Techno Fair! We introduced Double and kubi!
2016/10/10 We exhibited a telepresence avatar robot at the Kobe Village of Happiness Welfare and Health Fair!