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iPresence[Telepotalk (Android version)] Apology for system failure and notice of recovery

[Telepotalk (Android version)] Apology for system failure and notice of recovery

Thank you for using the Telepotalk app.

Since the early hours of November 2022, 11, we have been unable to log in due to an app connection failure, but on December 30, we completed the restoration of the Android version of the Telepotalk app.
We would appreciate it if you could update your current Telepotalk app and use it with the latest version (3.5.5).
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[Time zone of failure]
・The early morning of August 2022, 11
*Currently under investigation

・Contract users using the Telepotalk app (Android version)

・The app does not start

【current situation】
・Fixed on Android smartphones and Chromebooks
In addition, the behavior around video calls is still unstable (e.g. crashes when using an avatar, kubi's operation slider does not appear, etc.), so we are still working on bug fixes.


[Alternative plan (I'm sorry if the bug occurs even after updating, but please use the following method)]
・If you have an iOS device: Please use the Telepotalk app (iOS version).
・Please use the Avatar Robot for Zoom app (version 4.1.0) (Install and update here:
・When using kubi: Please use the kubi operation application "kubi Connect" (For detailed operation procedures, please refer toCenter of kubi product pagePlease refer to the)
・When using temi:temi centerplease use


If you have any questions regarding this system failure,Inquiry from the contact form.

Contact form:

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.

We will continue to respond.Thank you.